pg 49 - Box of wonders.Mature

I grab a steaming mug of tea, feeling the heat seep through my fingers. I don't take a biscuit, feeling as if I might throw up if I attempt to do more than drink something now so I just sip slowly while Genevieve turns to address me.
"For some odd reason you're drawn to trouble and the people who cause it...that's including the fact that you met Aidan in the last few days..."
Clarisse and I both snicker softly while Aidan makes a disgruntled noise beside me. I'm glad Genevieve is trying to lighten the sombre mood which has settled over everyone since my awakening.
"...and so I think you may need to be cautious about when and where you go through a Crossover. We have something which will help with it for the next few weeks so that we can assure you only Crossover when one of us available to Drift with you and therefore assure your safety as well as help you along with that part of your development."
I take another sip of my tea before saying to Evie, "Honestly, I'd be happy not to Crossover for a few nights....maybe even a few weeks worth of nights. What is this supposed 'thing' which will help me anyways?"
I didn't want to say it, but with the little experience I have had Crossing Over, I wasn't ready to try it again. Any sane person would think enough was enough for a while after nearly being killed and then almost violated in such a short time span.
Genevieve gets off her seat and kneels in front of the box where it was placed on the coffee table. She clicks open the latch and swings open the lid, revealing the contents within. Things are strewn about in 'organised chaos' within the box, the top pieces folding out to make multiple levels all containing various oddities.

The End

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