pg 48 - Impeccable timingMature

Everyone had been so concerned with me that they hadn’t noticed the multiple purple-black fist sized bruises all along Aidan’s arms and shoulders, either inflicted by the stampeding crowd or during the fight with the soldiers when I was semi-conscious.

I begin smearing on generous amounts of the salve on the bruises, ignoring the tiny ache in my sore wrists from doing so. I keep my eyes on what I’m doing, but attempt to bring up a new topic to dull the awkward silence which had arisen from our last one.

“As much as I enjoyed our little experience tonight, we’ve got to do something about you needing to save me all the time or figure out a way to slow down this development least for a little while. This whole damn ‘damsel in distress’ thing really doesn’t go down well with me”

Aidan doesn’t flinch as I rub in the last of the salve on the bruises before closing the tub again and putting it in its place. He then stretches out on the couch, putting both hands on the back of his head and leaning back to rest against the seat, one foot propped up on the opposite knee.

“We’ll start today or tomorrow with your training which will immensely improve your ability to defend yourself if I know my dad at all. With concerns to the whole slowing down your development thing, that's not possible. I think my mom might be onto something to help you out though."

With that impeccable timing, Genevieve walks into the room carrying a tray of mugs. Clarisse joins shortly carrying a plate of assorted biscuits as well as James with the infamous medicine box. All of them place their loads on the coffee table before taking a seat on the various couches around the one Aidan and I occupy.

The End

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