pg 47 - Salve on the woundMature

“I’m going to help Clarisse with the tea. James, could you get the medicine box again and Aidan, get some more of that salve on Lena that you used on her ankle.” With that Evie turns and leaves the room, James following close behind.

Aidan gets up off the seat to retrieve the tub of the nice-smelling, cold cream. He sits back down and opens the tub, making the room smell like the pine and mint mixture all over again.

The fire from earlier has died, but the burning embers glowing in the fireplace still provide enough warmth to keep away the cold which seems to be seeping into my very core.

I pull the daisy blanket closer around me, shivering slightly despite the warmth slowly returning to my body. I still can’t believe what had happened barely a half an hour ago but the skin throbbing on the side of my face makes it hard to think about anything else.

“Could you tilt your head a little bit?” Aidan asks, taking a bit of the cream with his fingers.

I do as asked, and then recoil slightly as the cold cream stings when it touches my skin. The hit from the armoured hand had been so hard that the skin had been grazed, causing the wound to burn when it made contact with the salve.

At my sharp intake of breath Aidan grimaces slightly. He opens his mouth to say something, but I cut him off.

“Aidan, stop apologising. You really can’t comprehend how grateful I am to you right now. I do admit your timing could have been a tiny bit better but you did all you could do and you seriously seemed like some superhero in there.”

He puts more salve on my cheek, his hand warm compared to the cold cream and my cold face. Once he is done he applies some to my wrists. He closes the tub and puts it on the coffee table.

“I wish I could have been there sooner Elena, I should have...”

I put my hand up, cutting him off again. “I don’t want to hear anymore Aidan...seriously now. Stop trying to down play what you did for me because clearly you don’t realize the enormity of how much I owe you right now so stop yapping and pass me that tub again.”

He gapes at me like a khoi fish before shutting his mouth and reaching over, taking the tub again and handing it over to me.

The End

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