pg 43 - AmigosMature

Their shouting is becoming clearer and I hear the sound of doors being slammed open a few houses down. My body begins shaking uncontrollably and I'm rooted to the spot, unable to move.

If I try to run away now, they'll definitely see me since they're barely 3 houses down. My chances are a lot better if I just stay here and wait for Aidan to fetch me or wake me up.

I bite my lower lip as I hear the hut right next door to the house I'm in get broken into. I shrink back as far as I can possibly get into the corner, seeing the glisten of droplets on my clothes from silent tears which are falling out my cloudy eyes.

I'm sitting right under the window and I don't even dare to breathe as I hear the Spanish soldiers exit the house next door. I can see their shadows walk by as they pass the window above me.

Relief is almost upon me as the last of them make their way past the house I'm in without checking it and I quietly exhale the sigh I had been withholding. As I do, my feet slide forward ever so slightly and my arms which I had tucked tightly against my body relax at my sides. My elbow catches on a wooden broom which had been propped up next to me, and falls down to the ground with a bang.

The shadow of a man which had been passing by pauses in the middle of the window, and then I hear the deep rumble of a Spanish voice saying "Hey! Amigos! I heard something in here we might have missed!"

I don't know how but just as in the first Crossover, I understand every one of his Spanish words....and they fill me with complete and utter terror.

I curse myself for being so careless and feel my heart just about beat out of my chest, feeling like a little wild bird trapped in a cage.

The soldiers join their friend and together they stride through the already knocked down door. Only 3 enter while the rest continue on. All are covered in armour and wearing oddly shaped helmets, with their huge bodies filling the small single-roomed space.

The End

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