pg 41 - The beginning of a horror storyMature

Closing my eyes, I lay my chin against my chest. I concentrate on creating those hands again, trying to imagine them more solid instead of just misty forms like they were in English. I try to move the hands, stretching them out in Aidan's direction. 

They move slowly, but eventually I'm close enough to just about sense him. Pointing a finger on one of the hands, I move it and make contact with the surface of the pulsating orb that is Aidan's aura.

"That's it Elena, you've almost got it."

I focus harder, trying to clear the fogginess and feel what lies beneath the surface. I sense a sort smouldering, like coals or embers burning red and a warm orange. It's almost like lying in the sun on a hot summer's day, but not in an unpleasant way. 

I try to delve deeper, but I hit a figurative brick wall and my concentration breaks. I'm tossed rather unceremoniously back into reality and my eyes shoot open.

"What just happened?! I had it and then the connection was just...gone?"

"That was me, unfortunately. To put it figuratively, I pulled the welcome mat out from under your feet."

Aidan's hand tightens around the shaft of the spear and he sucks in air through his mouth. "I didn't mean to upset you, but you shouldn't try too much at once. If you had gone any further without some control you could have hurt yourself...and me. You did better than most people do after such a short time though. A lot better in fact."

He runs his fingers through his hair. "Well, you know where we are?"

"You mean you don't know?" I say, brushing some dust off my clothing.

"I followed YOU here remember? I haven't Crossed Over into here before. If you have the tiniest of clues about why the hell I'm wearing an over-glorified version of a loincloth and a couple of feathered accessories, I wouldn't mind you sharing it with me." He leaned against the wall then bent his legs slightly, putting his hands on his knees and resting himself on them.

I wipe my forehead, sliding down the wall to sit on the ground. The cool wall against my back is soothing with the heat of the day we have 'popped' into.

"We're in Tenochtitlan, the Aztec city. It's, umm, weird though..."

"What's weird about it?"

"Well the city is actually not supposed to be here looking like this. In the 1500's, the Spanish conquistadores arrived here and through their exploration they conquered distant lands such as this one in the name of Spanish royalty. It's weird because this exact city at round about the time we're in now was one of the most thriving civilisations, but met its end when the Spanish came and..."

A gut-wrenching scream broke the silence a block or two away.

 "...destroyed it."

The End

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