pg 40 - The need for 'gusto'Mature

"The Clepsydra are able to see through the disguises if they're looking for it consciously as I did when I woke up. I knew you would be nearby so I purposefully did it. You can't because you're still getting used to doing this but if you looked closely you would be able to see through the façade. I was able to sense your aura like I did the other day."

I look up at his face and concentrate on SEEING him and not just looking. His face flickers for a moment, and his eyes return to their usual turquoise and gold before it flickers again and goes back to being the dark brown.

"You almost had it, it will get easier the more you do it."  He walks back and picks up the shield and spear before rejoining me. "If you keep at it, it will only get better." He handled the spear and shield like he had been working with them his whole life. I would hate to be the one on the wrong end of that thing. 

The sun is beating down on us, and I shuffle over to a thin sliver of shade from a nearby hut and Aidan joins me, wiping off a slight sheen of perspiration we are both starting to get.

"How are we doing this? How am I even here in like bodily form?"

"No one is actually able to explain it, but I think it has something to do with rips in the space-time continuum and the overlapping of loops. There's all these theories about there being a copy of yourself in parallel universes and something about quantum physics stating an object can be in two places at once. I honestly don't really care how it works, it's all too confusing to keep up with...all I care about is doing my duty and knowing my part in the bigger picture. Time isn't really running absolutely the same in both places, but usually they are similarly going hour for hour.  There are the odd examples where people have spent a day or two in the past and woken up only to find they've been sleeping for barely 3 hours."

I shake my head slightly, feeling heavy gold earrings swinging from my ears. 

"I'm starting to think that the more I try to find out about this stuff the more confusing it gets. I'm rather going to just take things as they come and accept them as they are. Trying to understand all of this as a whole is mission impossible..."

Aidan smiles at this, stooping his tall frame under the roof over-hang to lean against the shady wall with me. "Take another go at sensing my aura. I could feel you doing it in class, so do what you were doing before but more....forceful, with more gusto." 

The End

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