pg 39 - Chapter 8: Tenochtitlan (& end of chapter 7)Mature

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He chews on his bottom lip, as if he wants to say more, but instead stands abruptly and says "Don't worry about your Crossover tonight, I'll Drift to help you out with anything. It's part of the training."

With that, he goes to the door, starting to close it. Just before the last crack of the door is sealed off, I hear him mutter a "Good night" so faintly, I almost don't catch if it was meant for the shadows to hear and not me.

The door is shut and I crawl into the feathery, comfortable embrace of the luxurious bed before leaning over to switch off the bedside lamp. I pull the duvet up to my neck, murmuring a "Good Night" into the silence surrounding me before relenting to my lead-heavy eyes.

An uneventful night, consisting of a small visit in and out of history before getting some good ol' shut eye is all I want after my intense day...but I should know better than to expect things to go my way.



I open my eyes to find myself sitting on a stone street leaning against a wall. I look down and notice that my appearance is similar to how it was in my first Crossover with my black hair and tanned skin. My arms and wrists are adorned with gold bands and bracelets while I'm wearing a simple red cotton dress.

I look around me and see houses made of stone and compacted clay with straw roofs and in the distant I can hear what sounds like cannon fire.

I'm in Tenochtitlan, the Aztec city. When I researched Cortés and Malinalli the webpage showed paintings done of the city's layout and depicted life inside the Aztec civilisation. It's actually a bit unnerving how accurate some of those pictures were.

I hear the sound of someone breathe in deeply next to me. I flick my head to the side and find an Aztec young man next to me with similar hair to mine but shorter. He's bare-chested, wearing something like a short tunic but it looks good, not so hideous that it makes you want to avert your eyes. There are decorated bands around his arms while a spear and shield lay at his side. 

Of course I would enter my history session next to a complete and utter stranger who happens to be armed and maybe dangerous. My legs feel wobbly and half-asleep, so my epic fail of running away turns more into me sliding on my butt backwards at the pace of a snail.

The guy opens his exceptionally dark brown eyes and gingerly gets to his feet. I try to slide away faster but don't get very far.

The man dusts himself off then runs over to me, putting a hand around both my arms and pulls me up off the ground. I feel my insides start to contract but then the man says "Shhh Elena it's just me, Aidan. Hmmm, for your third Crossover you're doing very well. You're more advanced at this than most people are at this point, since you've crossed over already blended into your 'environment'. "

I wobble on my feet for a bit before gaining my balance, standing up straighter while I feel relief wash over me. "How come you knew it was me then?"

The End

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