pg 37 - A guilty consciousMature

Once Clary has left, there is a long moment of silence between everyone. I stare into the dancing flames of the fire, noticing how their light seems to taint everything in the room with an orange-yellow glow. A sensitive topic I've been avoiding all night is eating away at my mind and I can't resist bringing it up any longer.

"What happens if you help me and I turn out to be an Alterate...your enemy. What about my future in all this." I barely whisper, not tearing my gaze away from the fire.

Evie takes my tightly held together hands in hers, causing me to look up into her sincere eyes.

"Your actions today in helping my son escape his death affirmed the suspicions we had about your character. A person with the tendencies towards being an Alterate would not have naturally made the decision you did to help him. Your aura may be something of an anomaly to us, but I have a sixth sense about you, and I like what I see. I think you've been dealt a difficult hand to deal with, but you are taking it all in your stride and that in itself also says a lot about you."

I'm amazed at her. She would pour her heart and soul into guiding me in all this, even if there is the slight chance at the end of it all that I will take anything I've learnt and use it against her. I don't think I would ever be able to lift a finger against her, even if that time ever came, because of the kindness she exuded to me who was a stranger to her before today.

She pats the top of our clasped hands, then says to Aidan. "Show our new initiate to a guest room, the poor dears had a long day and I think she needs some sleep." She lets go of me, cupping my face in her hands. She kisses me on the forehead like she did her own daughter and tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

I hug her tightly, murmuring "Thank you for everything" into her ear before standing up along with Aidan. I bow my head to James who acknowledges me in the same way before I join his son who is waiting for me just outside the lounge door.

I peer over my shoulder just before exiting, my hand resting on the door frame. I see James place his arms around Evie as she lays her head against his shoulder, a troubled expression evident on her face. I walk out, leaving them to the privacy they deserve after the revelation of my rude arrival today.


The End

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