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"Great, so we might as well make it three times a week since the only history I know is from the select times I have to write history tests and the small amount knowledge I possess about fighting I've learnt from action movies."

Aidan laughs at this, before placing his now empty mug on the tray on the table. I take another drink from my own before he says "I'll take you home with me tomorrow so we can start right away.Tell Anna and your parents that we have a huge Science term project to do for the next couple of weeks and you've been grouped with me for it. That should be a good enough excuse for you coming round all the time until we can come up with something else."

"Sounds like a decent enough idea bro, but Elena will also need some clothes to use. She can just get something from me for school tomorrow, but she'll need to get some stuff to train in. Jeans aren't exactly flexible." Clarisse says bluntly.

I drain the last of my tea, placing my empty cup along with everyone else's on the now full tray. "We can stop by at my house tomorrow before coming here, my dad has Wednesday afternoon meetings and my mom works at the museum as part of the restoration and research team. They got a new piece in during the midterm holiday break so she's been working pretty late into the evenings on it. No one will be home and I have keys so we can pick up some stuff without any issues."

James claps is hands, sounding like a judge banging a clavicle in finality at a closed case. "Its organised then, Aidan can take you to and from school tomorrow and we can start with basic combat training. Clarisse, please remember to check that the ice packs are in the freezer before leaving tomorrow, we may need them."

Ice packs? Mentioning those is always a good way to encourage someone who is putting their body on the line for the first time. Yippee.

Clarisse yawns, stretching her arms out above her head before standing again. She picks up the tray of empty cups then says "Sure thing Dad. I'll be heading off to bed now, I have a fencing match tomorrow and I plan on whipping my opponent."

"Isn't being trained in sword play already a bit of a cheat?" I jeer at her playfully as I yawn myself; covering my legs with the blanket I had left here earlier.

She shrugs her shoulders, moving the cups so that they're evenly set out on the tray. "I've been doing fencing for as long as I've been training, so I just get a little more practice compared to the rest of my team." She winks at me, then gets a kiss from Evie before swivelling and walking out the lounge.

"G'night everyone. See you tomorrow morning."

The End

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