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"Elena, as much as I hate to tell you this, I still need to enlighten you that that's all those punches were. Effort. You only managed to hurt yourself waaay more that they hurt me. Hats off to you though, if there was a prize for trying you would be up to win it." He says, placing his hand reassuringly on my shoulder.

I snort air through my nose, brushing his hand off me playfully and remarking with forced enthusiasm "So I'm guessing that this training thing will be physical then. Awesome."

"I will be overseeing your physical training, which will include learning different fighting styles and weapon usage. I think Genevieve won't mind helping you out with social issues and touch on a bit of our history. Both we and Aidan will help you if any Enhancements appear." James says, cracking a small, inconspicuous smile.

"Define: 'Enhancements'..." I say, adding inverted commas with my fingers in the air. If they mention anything about getting a third eye or an eleventh toe, I see cosmetic surgery in my near future as well as a life spent living in my basement.

Clarisse deals with this one. "Well, as you found out, me and my mom can talk to each other through what I like to call our 'cerebral messaging services'. This is because I have the ability to project my thoughts using my mind and in turn read the minds of others through telepathy. I find it difficult to do if they keep their heads on lockdown from me, or if the person is far away but my mom and I are blood relatives so it's as easy as pie. She can still keep things from me if she closes me off, which is totally unfair...I really wanted to see what my Christmas present was going to be last year."

I exhale a sigh of relief. I'm happy it's not a third eye or extra limb, but it's still not in the parameters of 'normal' either. "Does everyone get this Enhancement and how do you find out about it?"

"It's Enhancements dear, as in there's more than just one type. Not all Clepsydra portray it, such as me and James, but both Clarisse and Aidan have developed Enhancements. Clepsydra usually learn about them during their early development, but it can present itself at any age." Evie says, planting a kiss on her husband's cheek.

I spin towards Aidan, jabbing him delicately in the stomach and putting my other hand on my hip before saying accusingly "How come I don't know what your ability is then?"

He arches his gently curved eyebrows, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips as he answers "You don't know about it, because I can't do it in public with witnesses who could get me sent to a secret services facility. Floating a pencil back up to my desk after I drop it on the floor will get a couple of stares from the people in class. When I could have done it last night I was unable to focus enough while running and on the beach today there was too great a risk of someone seeing me."

"Oh. My. have Telekinesis! That is some seriously cool party trick to have up your sleeve." I shout excitingly.

"It is pretty cool, but unfortunately I can't ever use it unless I'm around other Clepsydra or the situation is  absolutely dire."

"Ok, so IF I am suddenly able to move objects with my mind or begin being able to hear the answers to a pop quiz I'm writing in my head, I'll remind myself to mention it to you all. When is all this training stuff taking place anyways?" I ask, turning to address everyone once again.

James says, "Unfortunately, you're at a bit of a disadvantage since you started evolving so late. You'll need a lot of time to catch up to everything, so I think we should start doing it at least twice a week and seeing how things go from there. If you show that there is more work to be done than we thought, we can re-assess the schedule."

The End

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