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" was the way he reacted afterwards. His willingness to explain everything to me made me feel I could forgive him, even if it was going to take a while to achieve that. Besides, he was the link to finding out more about this not to mention that he got me ice-cream with sprinkles." 

Everyone laughs at this, and it seems to break the tension in the air a bit.

"Better the devil you know than the devil you don't they say," pipes in Aidans mom, and I do have to say I agree with her. It was an easy choice to make between the guy with a gun or the guy who tried to make up for almost killing me by buying chocolatey frozen treats.

Clarisse joins us, laden with a tray of cups. She places the tray down, and we each take a mug which is filled with freshly brewed tea. 

"So, I didn't miss much right?" She queries, taking a seat on her armchair from earlier this afternoon. I take a sip, shaking my head at Clarisse before putting my cup down on the glass-top coffee table.

I lean back on the couch I'm sitting on, crossing my legs before directing a new inquiry I had been thinking about to Genevieve. 

"You said something about helping me. How are you planning to do that since it's become apparent that I'm just about clueless?"

"Oh that's a simple enough question to answer dear. You're going to have to start training with us." She says it so matter-of-factly that my mind almost forgets to do a double-take at what she had just said.

"Training? What training?" I sit up a little straighter, the fluttering sensation in my stomach going from butterflies to rather feeling like I have an entire zoo crammed in there.

Aidan barely contains a snicker to the left of me, then comments with "Elena, need I even remind you about your bruised knuckles last night?"

 I turn to him saying "What? I think I would have made Mike Tyson proud with the effort I put into beating you up in that forest..."

The End

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