pg 33 - Chapter 7: More questionsMature

I step into the lounge to see Aidan and his parents talking in hushed tones. They stop when they see me walk in and Aidan motions to the seat next to him on the couch, which would put me in between him and his parents. 

I take a seat warily, wringing my hands slightly in my lap.

All is quiet for a while then Aidan places his hand on my knee which has begun bouncing nervously and says "What would you like to know first?" My body stills and I open my mouth to approach the first thing on my mental list. 

"In my first, ah....Crossover, I was in the body of someone called Ichika but then last night I was in my own body. Why is that?"

James is the one answers me.

 "As your Crossovers become more advanced, so they change. Any Clepsydras first Crossover is more of a repetition of a previous Clepsydra's experience, but your body and mind progress more and the better you become at controlling them. I don't know if you did, but if you had tried to speak at all during your first real-life history demonstration, you would have found yourself unable to. You were more of a bystander than an actual participant in your first experience, it's an adaption the Clepsydra have developed to prevent unfortunate incidents with first-timers."

Hmm. Makes logical wouldn't exactly want a waitress on her first day working at a restaurant running the place. 

"When did you all find out about the Clepsydra? Do you all just start asking questions when you start popping in and out of history like a pop tart in a toaster or did you know all along?"

Aidan decides to tackle this question, and motions to his parents with his hands before replying with "My parents, as most families do, raised me and Clarisse from the very beginning to know about who we are. Some family's prefer to wait until the children experience their first Crossover, although I feel our way is better since it prevents situations like yours."

No need to back up that reasoning, since I would hate to impose what I'm feeling now on some poor kid. Waking up next to a Mayan princess is not the best introduction into growing up.

"Elena, if you don't mind me asking, why did you save Aidan from having his brains exploded after what he did to you last night. Surely with what you had experienced you wouldn't want to help him?" Evie questions.

Well now, that is a question I need to think about. 

The End

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