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She takes me by the hands and spins me around and we burst into a fit of laughter, dancing around her room. Our faces are red when she turns off the music and we both make our way back down the stairs we climbed up to get to her room. 

We walk into the kitchen and Aidan's mom smiles and looks pleased to see me walking around on my own.

The smells coming from the pot on the stove are heavenly and I'm all too happy to dish up a portion of spaghetti bolognaise to please the growls of protest coming from my famished stomach. The last time I ate was breakfast this morning, so I'm more excited than usual for supper.

After sitting down at the table in the dining room along with the rest of Aidan's family I wolf the meal down, savouring every delectable bite of it and I am thinking of going back for seconds before everyone else is even halfway through. 

"Elena, please go dish yourself up some more, you'll need the extra food while you finish off your healing. I guarantee there will be none left if you don't get some before the rest of these scavengers descend."

I thankfully get up to get some more, and Aidan follows me into the kitchen with his empty bowl. "Your mom is an amazing cook, where did she learn to make that?"

"Oh you know. Family recipe passed down from when my grandmother spent half a year of her Crossovers in Italy during the Renaissance." He dishes up more pasta for both him and I and then walks behind me back to the dining area.

Everyone else has pushed aside their plates with the exception of Clarisse, who is still gobbling up a rather large bowl of spaghetti. Once everyone has finished eating, I help clear the table and wash the dishes in the sink with Clary who can't help herself when it comes to attacking me with soap bubbles.

The anticipation builds inside me and I know that soon I will have a free pass to ask Aidan and his family about my future. I'm getting nervous, unable to stop my mind from wandering to all the terrible scenarios or scary things I may find out, and I know Clarisse picks up on this when she takes the clean and dried cutlery from my hands and motions with her head in the direction of the lounge. 

"Go on ahead, I'll be there mom and dad are already in there with Aidan. You may want to prepare yourself a bit though, the whole thing kinda tends to blow people's mind and I would hate to have to clean up spattered brains this late at night, especially the brains of someone who doesn't seem that bad and eats as much as I do."

"Hope you have your mop at the ready," I joke and she winks at me. I feel her give me an encouraging squeeze of my hand before she waves me off out of the kitchen. 

I run my fingers through my hair and stop just short of the archway leading into the lounge.

After taking a deep breath I prep myself to be open minded about this all and to stop putting it off. The statement 'there's no time like the present' pops into my head and the irony of that brings a smile to my face when I realize that it no longer applies to me.

 I exhale and walk into the room, ready to face whatever new and terrifying things I'm going to learn about my already freaky self. 

Can't be too bad....can it? 


The End

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