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I look back at Aidan and I see his eyes following me out the room. As we are about to round the corner of the archway leading back into the passageway, we hear him shout after us.

"Just watch her Clary, she tends to do things not beneficial for her." I scowl at him before he's out of sight as I get pulled out the room.

We're already halfway down the passage when Clary shouts back "Yeah, yeah Aidan. She's a big girl; she can take care of herself."


Clarisse's room is a mixture of dusty pinks and dark greys, with a double canopy bed covered in a feather down duvet and a large collection of chic cushions with bird patterns. A large bay window overlooking the sea in the distance, complete with a cushioned bench, is on one side of the room. Bands and male celeb posters litter the wall, but there are also photos of Clary as a child or others of her with people I assume to be her friends.

I walk over, inspecting them each separately. I notice one common similarity with each and that is that none of the people in each photo are ever photographed twice.

Clary says, "We usually move before I have time to take more, but I do have a few really good friends I've found littered across the globe. It's hard though, since you put them in danger if you get to close or stay for too long."

She points to a picture of her lying next to a girl in snow with chocolate-brown eyes and short mouse brown hair. "This is Alexia, we met when we stayed in Poland for a while." She points to another one, although this girl has a mass of bright red curls and playful green eyes. She and Clary are standing in together in formal dresses, all done up with make-up.

"That's Morgan. We were in Ireland and I got to attend the junior dance at my school. Alterates messed around with some museum artefacts involved in Celtic history so we had to leave straight afterwards. I didn't really get to say goodbye, I only left her a note in her locker at school."

She looks down sadly, but then her face brightens up again and she pulls me over to the bathroom joined to her room.

She pulls out a towel from a cupboard under the sink, and shows me where she keeps her bountiful supply of shampoos, conditioners and soaps. "I'll be right outside when you're done, looking around for some clothes you can use. Take as long as you need." She smiles at me again, and closes the door behind her.

I get undressed and put on a hot shower, choosing a shampoo which smells like flowers. Once I'm done I wrap myself in a towel and use the sink to rinse off my clothes, before unlocking the bathroom door. "I'm done Clary" She looks up from the magazine she's reading stretched out on the bed and then indicates my choice of clothing laid out at her feet.

I feel awkward standing there in nought but a towel but Clary seems unabashed as she jumps up from where she is sitting.

"Take whatever you feel comfortable in, although I'm taking the long cotton pants and pink tank top with me." She hurries off to the bathroom with the pile of clothes in hand, humming to herself.

I've just finished dressing into an oversized shirt and pyjama shorts when she comes out of the bathroom, all ready and dressed. She dries her hair off by using a towel, and then flips open her laptop and makes music play through into some speakers.

The End

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