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"I couldn't answer my phone while I was in my fencing club meeting, so mom had to use the alternative method to tell me to watch out for any hordes that might be around when you messaged her. I spotted a couple sniffing around the fencing hall but Emma's mom picked us up and dropped me off before I felt I had to do something about it."

I flex the toes on my right foot, glad that I only feel an ebbing throb now instead of the usual pain shooting up from my ankle, which means its healing. Aidan sees me moving my foot and he gets up off the couch and retrieves a small of tub of a milky white cream. He opens the lid, and the smell of pine and mint fills my nostrils. He sits back down on the opposite end of the Cleopatra seat, and offers the cream to Clarisse who takes a bit of it with her finger.

"Rub some on her cut on her eyebrow would you? Make sure none goes in her eyes or we'll never hear the end of it." Clarisse giggles, then stands up and positions herself above my head and carefully rubs the cream into my cut.

"What alternative method were you talking about?" I say, as Aidan unwraps my strapping again and begins to apply the cream to my ankle. The skin is a mess of purple and blue bruises, but the cream feels cool and soothing against it.

"When Clepsydra are blood relatives, they can usually send each other thoughts or feelings over great distances. My mom and sister are especially good at it, but I'm not so great. It can also happen with people who form a tight bond with each other, but it is always possible with family members."

The cream makes my ankle feel better even if it tingles a little and the smell is pretty good too, I'm even able to straighten up and I put my foot on the ground. I get up, testing how my ankle will take my weight but I wobble backwards slightly before grabbing hold of the couch behind me and feeling both Aidan and Clarisse's hands steady each of my shoulders.

"Has anyone ever told you guys you move freakishly fast?" They both laugh at this, and help me to stand on my own. "Just take it easy Lena, you don't want to mess your regenerating bones. I have had to go through the unfortunate process of re-breaking my arm and I can tell you from personal experience that it's not fun." Aidan says to me as he keeps his arm out to steady me while I take a few tentative practice steps around on the carpet.

Once I'm happy with my progress I take Clarisse's hand and pull her aside. She's so easy to be around, the sort of person you could just meet and feel like you've known for your entire life. "Um, is there anywhere I can wipe some of the blood off my clothes before supper?" She gives me a naughty grin before gently tugging me towards the entrance to the lounge area. "Oh, of course. You can use my room and take a shower if you offense but you look dreadful. You can borrow some of my things, since we look to be about the same size."

The End

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