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She walks into the lounge, and I come across what must be Aidan's younger sister. Her platinum blonde hair is pulled into a messy bun, but I can tell it's straight like her moms and she is tall like her too. She's wearing a pair of white shorts, silver gladiator sandals and a coral flowy top accessorised with dangly silver earrings. She looks to be about 15 years old and she barely skips a beat when she discovers me stretched across the chair in her house.

It takes her only a moment to assess the situation before a wide smile graces her heart shaped face and she skips up to me and plonks down on the floor in front of my seat, crossing her legs. 

"Hey there, I'm Clarisse. You must be Elena, right? The girl Aidan talked about from last night. Sorry 'bout that by the way, my brother is an utter failure when it comes to his social skills, considering the whole kill first ask questions later thing he has going on. I've been trying to get him to chill a bit, 'cause his whole personality is affected by it and it makes him suck, even more than he usually does.You're prettier than he said you were."

I have a feeling I'm going to like this girl. I smile back at her, rolling my eyes at Aidan and saying "You are quite accurate about that. Think you need to give him a few pointers." She laughs at this, and the sound reminds me of tinkling bells. I hear Aidan chuckle next to me, and for the first time today I'm starting to feel a bit more comfortable with what's going on.

"How did you know I was in the house before you even saw me?" I look questioningly at Clarisse, and she just shrugs and replies with "Oh you have some serious vibes going on. No wonder that Alterate nearly took you and beat up Aidan, although I do admit I wish I could have been there to see him get his pride tarnished like that."

She tilts her head towards him, wagging her finger like a mother telling off a child saying, "Serves you right for leaving your sword in the car." I wrinkle my nose at this, remembering how Aidan had made a weapon appear out of nowhere during my temporary distraction. 

"Where do you keep it anyways?"I ask him questioningly.

"It's usually on my personal self, or under my car seat. It's easy enough to hide but things get a little difficult at school when people are bumping into you or you have to sit in desks, so now it's mostly kept in my car." 
I turn back to Clarisse, seeing her get up and make herself comfortable on the armchair on my other side where she sits with her back leaning against the arm rest and her legs hanging over the other one.

The End

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