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As I expect, Aidan picks me up again, but I don't object. My ankle feels like hell after the poking and prodding it has endured under his mom's criticising hand, but I know it was necessary and I feel grateful that I don't have to walk to the sitting area. 

I would probably get lost in this maze of a house anyways. We walk down a few well lit hallways, each decorated with art and odd pieces of furniture. Shelves can be found everywhere, each holding different artefacts. I recognize a couple of tribal masks and Arabic scrolls, but I'm also baffled by twisted pieces of metal or strange sculptures. 

We soon enter a cosy area, with a giant stone fireplace on one side of the wall surrounded by couches, a loveseat, ottomans and armchairs.

Aidan walks over to a Cleopatra chair, lays me down on it then walks over to a basket in the corner of the room which holds blankets. He offers me a soft, woollen one and I drape it over my body. This room is a lot warmer than the kitchen and I'm enjoying the feeling returning to my numb toes and fingers.  
Aidan seats himself on the couch next to mine, but instead of relaxing into the couch, he leans forward and rests his head on his hands which are resting on his knees. 

There is silence between us for a moment, the fire crackling at odd intervals when he says, "I really am sorry about today Elena. I should have seen the Alterate coming. If you hadn't been there he would have killed me before coming after you. It may have seemed like he was focused on me but you missed the little conversation I had with him while you were around the corner."

He runs his fingers through his hair before elaborating further. "He asked me where the evolver was, that being you since you're new to all this and therefore still evolving , and when I said he could take a long walk off a short pier he didn't take it well. You were his target for some reason, and I have a theory that his appearance also ties in with your late-night visitor last night." 

I hear a car honking outside and the sound of feet scrambling across the floor after the front door slams shut. A loud shout echoes across the whole house when a girly voice says "Hey everyone, I'm home! Do we have a visitor 'cause it feels funny in here!"

The End

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