pg 27 - Mellow MeltdownsMature

"I just don't know what to say. I'm really puzzled as to how you are accepting me, a total stranger, being in your house and invading your privacy so well. I don't know what's happening to me and this is just all just going so fast. A few days ago I didn't know that dreaming of dead people and actually transporting yourself back in time was even possible, and now I also know that I'm part of some ancient group of people who are supposed to be able to help people, kick some Alterate ass for messing things up or be the Alterate that needs ass-kicking and it's just a lot to handle. I don't know what to do anymore, how to act. I don't know if I ever want to sleep again and I'm worried that I'm going to wake up to find someone watching me through my window or inside my room and not just ontop of my wall like last night. My life was confusing before this but now it just seems to be running away from me and I hate it. I hate not being in control and this is exactly what's happening..."

My throat goes dry and a shaky breath chokes off the next words I'm going to say. I feel a tear running down my cheek which I brush away with the back of my hand angrily and grip the edge of the countertop, my knuckles turning white. I'm not the type of girl to go all melodramatic and have a complete meltdown but this is all too much.

I would have kicked me out long ago for being such a pain, but instead Aidan's mom does what I expected her to do the least. She rushes forward and pulls my head to her chest, stroking my hair and patting my back. An angry sob bursts out of me then, and I push it back down along with all the tears pooling in my eyes. 

I will not be weak. This is not a time to play the damsel in distress, but rather to get the answers I need and my stupid feelings are getting in the way of all that. I take another shaky breath, lifting my head off Evie's chest and I see Aidan looking at me from directly behind her. His face is carefully guarded, although he can't hide the slight concern in his eyes. I wipe a stray tear away, and brush the hair from my face as Evie takes it in her soft hands

"Elena, I know this seems a bit overwhelming right now, but please understand that we will be here to help you. I know that you find it strange that we are so easily welcoming you, but you must also see this from our side. As soon as we heard about you and your circumstances last night from Aidan, we knew we had to guide you. Unclaimed Clepsydra are in danger from being coerced into being Alterates, or stumble around blindly. Some go insane from it, unable to realize why this all is happening. Everything about the Clepsydra has been ingrained into us from a young age, where as it has not with you so all these anxieties are to be expected. All we ask is that you are patient with us, because from the moment Aidan found out he hadn't killed you we became indebted to you in a sense and we plan on instructing you in everything we know."

 I take another deep breath, and nod my head. My hands and arms are shaking, but I feel better knowing that I will at least not be alone in this as I previously thought I was.

Genevieve hugs me again and then turns to Aidan saying, "Aidan, you were correct about the fractured ankle but I don't remember you mentioning the fact that she was being watched. She needs to stay the night in the guest room while she heals and maybe for a few other reasons, but for now help her to the lounge area and give her a blanket. She feels like an ice block. I will put on some supper and then we will all adjourn to discuss a few things with her."

The End

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