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Aidan's eyebrows draw together, but he looks over at me and then answers quite clearly "I think it was Elena, dad." 

James stands up taller and is about to launch into a speech about something but Aidan carries on speaking before he's is given a chance. 

"I know that developing Clepsydra are not supposed to be able to give off an aura that strong as to attract others, but you should have felt it when I first acknowledged her presence...surely you can even feel it now that you're with her for the first time?

Everyone stops what they are doing: Evie's hand hovers above my ankle,James stares at me intently, and Aidan tries to hide the smile forming on his face. His father's face becomes unclouded, but a small glimmer of doubt still remains.

"You're right Aidan; she does feel stronger than she should. She's not easy to define either. I can see why you thought she was Alterate at first, but yet she exposes characteristics and an aura from herself which seems contrary to that." Aidan's mom finishes re-wrapping my ankle and gets to work packing away the medical supplies.

Aidan places my cell phone in my lap and I get to work on typing a message to both Anna and my dad. A few minutes later I receive Anna's reply. 

"Aww girl, that's too bad about your leg. It better not be serious or else Aidan is going to find himself missing a few teeth...just kidding ;). Missed you in the last few periods today, History was a total bore without you x_x. Mrs Simons bought the story I fed her about you not being there but you didn't miss much anyways. She just handed notes out and I got extra copies for you :P. You missed it going up, but I checked the waterpolo sports board on my way out of school and I thought I would congratulate you on making second team :D! Hope to see you tomorrow, but don't think twice about taking some extra time off to rest your leg. Love you! Anna xoxo." 

I really have got the best best friend ever. I smile at my phone then slide it back into my jacket pocket.

By now James and Evie have left to get the rest of their things out the car, so it's just me and Aidan in the kitchen. I shiver against the cold gathering in the house and slip on my jacket. Looking through the windows I notice the sun is starting to set outside, painting the sky a brilliant orange and cotton-candy pink. 

Aidan's parents come back into the kitchen, carrying grocery bags and a few miscellaneous items. I try hard not to stare too much when a couple of wicked looking daggers get pulled out of Evie's briefcase and  my eyes widen at the sight of a sheathed sword on a belt James hangs on the coat rack.

"You must have so many questions Elena, I can see the puzzled look in your eyes and sense the thoughts circling in your head." Aidan's mom says to me as she puts food away in the walk-in pantry. 

I sigh, forgetting momentarily just how perceptive and sensitive to emotions these people are.

The End

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