pg 24- First impressionsMature

More than one set of feet can be heard echoing throughout the house over the wooden floors and soon Aidan re-enters with my phone in his hand. He looks up at me; mouthing a silent ‘I’m sorry’ before a tall, toned yet graceful woman enters the room. I barely have time to register her long, champagne coloured hair or her forget-me-not blue eyes before I’m encased in a hug.

“Seriously Aidan look at the poor girl, is a cup of tea the best you could do? You could at least have cleaned the poor dear’s cuts before I got here, especially that nasty one above her eyebrow. James! Fetch me the medicine box on your way in please!”

A wide man built like a fortress walks in next, the spitting image of Aidan except for his hair greying at the sides or the laugh lines etched around his eyes.

“Genevieve dear, you’re crowding her. Give the girl some breathing room... I have the box right here now please stop fretting.”

I’m momentarily released from my up-close inspection while the woman and man open the box and look through its contents. I peer over at Aidan who’s leaning back causally against the kitchen doorway, his arms folded across his chest.

He strides over to me, jumping up onto the counter and taking the seat next to me before whispering “I would have liked a little more time to shout a ‘brace yourself’ from down the hallway before they forged ahead, but I would like you to meet my parents.”


The End

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