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The guy in the hoodie places his knife back in his belt, then turns around and walks down the road and out of sight. As soon as he's gone, Aidan sags down to the ground, dropping his sword and it falls with a resounding clatter. He keeps breathing in and out deeply, catching his breath on his knees before he grabs his shoulder and pops it back into its socket. He gets back up again, walking over to his truck while I attempt to get up.

Agonising misery wracks my body, and I collapse back on the ground with my eyes squeezed shut. I pant while I tense my jaw against the pain when I shift myself into a sitting position, but I feel a hand grip my shoulder before I move any further.

“You’re going to injure yourself more if you keep on moving like that.” Aidan squats down on my right side, carrying a first aid bag and his sword.

“And how is it that you know what to do then?” 

“We learn injury assistance when we’re like, five...don’t insult me...” it may have been meant to be a serious comment, but Aidan is grinning like a toddler on Christmas day.  

He takes out some aspirin from the bag, swallowing two with a bottle of water he also carries in there.

“Well, are you going to provide a reason why Bruce Lee’s brother almost shot you or are we going to play the guessing game?”

“I can’t explain to you here....I need to set your leg and get out of here before our attacker comes back, probably with some more of his buddies.”

He stops taking out bandages and what looks like a rigid plastic shape, before turning to gawk at me. “Didn’t I tell you to run? I had it covered and if you had just done what I said you wouldn’t be hurt with a fractured ankle right now. You’re really stubborn you know that?”

“Well you’re very welcome, since I’m guessing this is your way of saying ‘wow, thanks Elena for saving my ungrateful ass from having a bullet stuck in my head right now’”

He chuckles and continues with what he is doing, placing the rigid thing next to my foot before wrapping it securely in place with a bandage while I bite down on my tongue. He offers me two aspirin and the water and I nod my head in appreciation before swallowing both, finishing the whole bottle in one gulp.

Once he’s done, he ties off the bandage knot and I brace myself to stand, determined to at least make my way to the car by myself after needing his help with my ankle. He laughs, shaking his head with his sensual mouth curved into a smile and I give up trying to stand when I fall back down on my behind, only making my ankle feel worse.

“Like I said, you’re a really stubborn fool.”

I look at him menacingly, putting all the sarcastic energy I possess into saying “Hmm, I don’t quite remember the fool part from before, but thanks for the compliment.”

He bends down and gently picks me up with his hands under my knees and back. I’m speechless and super annoyed that I’m as reliant on him now as a newborn baby until my ankle stops being so frustrating.

He carries me over to the car with a smug grin pasted on his face, the passenger door already open as he places me gently down. He runs back while I brood in my seat, removing my jacket and using it to line the passenger seat I’m getting my blood all over as it slowly stops flowing from the cut above my eye.

Aidan goes and fetches all his supplies and attaches his sword to the strap on his waist. He climbs back in and the car revs to life, before he peels out of there and gets back on the highway.

“ to enlighten me about the moves you pulled back there? And the reason why the guy was coming after us or how you knew to leave the building? Or where you kept your friggin sword while I was in the car? Or how come you seem ok after you just dislocated your freaking shoulder? Or-”

“...Ok, Elena, I may be able to process things slightly faster than normal people can but I can’t concentrate with the amount of emotions you’re letting off right now. Take a deep breath and focus on slowing down your heart rate before you give yourself heart palpitations.”

I close my mouth abruptly, taking in a few deep breaths before continuing.

“How do you know how to do the things you do? Fighting, helping set broken ankles? You know stuff NORMAL people have Google for!” He keeps his eyes on the road and his calmness seems to help me cool my rising temper too.

The End

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