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The lesson continued, but I became rather unfocused with my thoughts tending to drift to a rather sexy but dangerous male. I wonder what we will talk about at the pier, and how much more things I need to learn from Aidan before I will feel satisfied.


The lessons until lunch are a dim existence for me and my concentration levels are anything but stable. I stop by my locker at lunch, needing to exchange my books for the lessons after the break until the end of the day with my books from this morning's lessons. 

I'm so intent on trying to reach the textbook which has somehow managed to get shoved to the very back of my lockers top shelf that I nearly jump out of my skin when a smooth voice behind me says, "Need some help with that?"

I drop all the books I had been holding in my arms, and hastily bend down to retrieve them. I say icily, "You know, sneaking up on people isn't very nice Aidan, especially since I am more jumpy today because of what happened with you last night."

He grimaces, exhaling deeply through his nose as he bends down to pick up my last book off the floor. We both straighten back up, and he puts the book on the pile in my arms, some of which I place back in my locker while I tip the rest into my canvas bag on the floor.

"I really need to apologize for that, I don't usually introduce myself to someone by trying to kill them and then explaining to them that they're part of a group of people who protect history."

I glance off, looking anywhere except his eyes.

"You need to work on your people skills by the looks of things. Sneaking up on girls and suffocating them hints at you not being a very good person socially." I spit the words out, the place around my neck where his hands had been the previous night going tight again.

He takes my chin in his hands, tilting my chin up so that I'm forced to look at him. "I don't know how to make you understand how sorry I am about that, and I intend to make it up to you." He lowers his voice before resuming. "I don't know if I can wait until the end of the day to talk to you again, there's still a lot we need to talk about concerning the Clepsydra..." 

He takes a step closer and I retreat slightly, only to trip on my bag behind me.

He catches me around the wrist and waist with each of his hands, preventing what would have been an embarrassing moment of me face-planting against the lockers when I fell. I glower, more upset at the fact that my stomach felals like it has little butterflies swirling around in it because of his large hands encircling me than the fact that I have tripped.

Seriously Elena, get a grip.

He releases me slowly, and I pick my bag up off the floor. "Not going to lie, you threw me a bit of a curveball last night and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since...I have a whole lot more questions than just the ones last night that need answering."

Looking almost smug at this, he takes my bag off my shoulder and wraps it over his instead. 

"Um, what do you think you're doing?" He just turns around and starts walking away, opening a door leading off from the hallway with me following close behind.

"Getting out of here so we can go to a place where we can talk without having to worry about being eavesdropped on." I tread across the threshold of the door he opened, momentarily surprised at finding myself in a cleaning supplies room and even more astonished at seeing Aidan climbing through the window at the back of the small room.

I follow suit, needing to get my bag back. I drop through the window, finding myself in one of the schools flower beds and I wrinkle my nose at the smell of fertiliser before stumbling through the vegetation. I see Aidan halfway across the parking lot already, and I pursue him.

 He takes some car keys out of his jeans pocket, pressing a button on them and I notice the lights of a midnight blue Chevy pickup truck blink on and off. By the time I've caught up to him, he's already perched in the driver's seat and I've come to a standstill outside the passenger door with my hands on my hips.

"Are you getting in or not?" He's smirking and his eyes are bright with a mischievous glint but I refuse to be charmed by it.

"What about school? Won't we get caught?"

"Call Anna and ask her to cover for you...I'm sure she will be happy to oblige."

 I get into the car, knowing full well that Anna will be more than happy to say I 'went home sick' for me, since she's convinced I'm becoming too much of a 'perfect teenager' for my own good....she'll especially be keen to do it if I told her I'm sneaking out to be with a boy she thinks is cute.

I sulk as he switches on the engine and drives out of the school parking lot. I look back at the building disappearing into the distance, a bit shocked at my slight elation at not following the rules for once in my life.

I text Anna, telling her what's going on and about Aidan whilst hoping that she hasn't left her phones sound on again and will get it confiscated for messaging during class, but she replies quickly telling me not to worry because she's got it covered and that its rude to kiss on the first date.  I grin at the message, glad that I have someone like her to rely on.

Aidan drives on confidently, in a relaxed stance with one hand on the steering wheel with the other resting on his open window. I open mine too, savouring the fresh air and noticing that we are driving towards the beachfront.

"So, are we still going to the pier?" I ask, trying to sound nonchalant but I still hear a note of worry in my voice. I can't help it; seeing as the last time I was alone with him things didn't work out so well. He notices it, and looks across at me.

"Yes, but not in the way that you think," Aidan says, pulling up to a beach-side parking bay. 

I unbuckle my seatbelt, and reach to grab my bag which he had thrown onto the backseat when he had gotten into the truck. "I would advise that you leave it in the car," he surprises me again when he opens my passenger door.

I raise an eyebrow at him and look back to my bag before relenting to his suggestion.

"All right then, I guess I won't need my school books but I'm still taking these" I put the bag down on my seat rummaging through it to grab my wallet, house keys and cell phone which I had put in there after texting Anna.  I stuff everything in my jacket pockets as he closes the door for me, locking the car behind him.

The End

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