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I'm flustered when I arrive for school. There had been a car accident on the highway which means we had been stuck in traffic and now only have about two minutes to pack my books and run like Usain Bolt to get to class before I'm late and see the foul side of Mr Stalink. 

I rush to my locker, pulling at my lock and opening the door, then a slip of paper falls out and I bend down to pick it up. The first bell rings, and I now know I have a minute to get to the complete other side of the school before the next bell rings and I'm faced with Stalink's evil glare.

After shoving the books for the first three periods into my bag I then slam my locker shut, stuffing the paper slip into my jacket pocket before running to class so fast I would make the athletics team look twice.

I run through the door as the second bell rings, my sandals sliding along the classroom floor in front of Mr Stalink's desk as I ungracefully plonk myself into my desk. I get the expected look from my home base teacher, but he just pushes his glasses further up his nose and continues with the register.

I release a huge sigh of relief, slipping my bag off my shoulder and onto the floor. I feel around in my pocket for the piece of paper and unfold it, hiding the note behind my desk while Stalink carries on calling out names.

Elena, meet me at the pier after school...we need to talk about last night. Aidan.

I hear a small snort from my right, and I glance over to see Aidan holding his hand over his mouth. Glad to know he finds all this so amusing, seeing as my world has been turned upside down, inside out and then put on a washing machine spin cycle.

I scowl at him, still miffed about his abrupt introduction to all this and then to top it off that he finds a teacher's annoyance with me a laughable matter. It is funny though, considering that I faced him with a sword last night and yet I'm still worried about a teacher's approval.

The bell rings for the end of the register period and I get up to make my way to my Biology class, but before I leave I feel a strong hand grip my arm. I turn around, face to face with Aidan.

"So, you got my note. Are you in?"

I give him a smug look before saying "What, you think after last night's choppy ending and our little confrontation that I would want to back out? Exactly the opposite Aidan...I'm more convinced than ever to find out exactly what's going so I'll meet you at the beachfront after school and you better be ready to talk. Now get your hand off me before people start getting the wrong idea."

He looks down at his hands, not realizing that he had still been holding my arm. He lets go slowly, then gives me a small nod before gently pushing past me and walking through the door. I adjust my bag strap and step into the passageway, ignoring the hustle and bustle of the busy hallway.

The sooner this day is over and the sooner I can talk to him again the's funny that I can't seem to decide whether I am loathing or looking forward to it.

After walking though the busy hallways, I see Anna in Biology and I slide into the seat next to hers at our table. Her eyes glimmer and that's when I remember our conversation yesterday.

"Oh Anna I'm so sorry...I forgot to call you back!" she giggles, and her big brown deer like eyes twinkle.

"No need to apologize, I wouldn't have been able to pick up anyways because Daniel had been texting me and aggravating me by taking forever to reply to my messages. They say girls are the ones that play hard to get but Daniel sure does know how to get me to chase him."

I laugh at this comment, but I'm soon stopped when the professor walks in and stands in front of the class.

"Good morning everyone, please take out your textbooks and turn to page one hundred and twenty, pay careful attention as this will be in your test in two weeks time."

I pull out my book and whisper to Anna "So, did you manage to extract any more information out of him about this weekend?" 

She flips to the page, then mutters back to me, "Boy, did I try, but he was locked up tighter than a safe."

I pause our conversation to take down a few notes. "Well An, that will be something different for you, having a guy not willing to fall on his knees and grovel to do anything you wish him to."

She nudges me in the ribs with her elbow playfully, then continuing with a comeback "Oh I'll get to him eventually, all I need is a crowbar." Anna truly is beautiful, and ever since puberty did her the favour of making her drop dead gorgeous she's managed to turn heads wherever she goes. That doesn't mean she's experienced when it comes to guys but rather the other end of the scale and she has had quite a few pointless relationships to prove it.

The End

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