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I wake up early the next morning, having only dozed off for about half an hour before waking up again. I convince myself out of bed by sheer will power alone, patting Piper on the head to wake her up.

I know that my mom is not a morning person, and her walking past my room to find the dog sprawled on my bed like she's on a yacht would not end well for me, so I need to get Piper back outside before anyone else sees her.

Piper springs off my bed, shaking herself off before galloping after me towards the back door. I let her out, then quietly creep back into my room.

Faint bits of sunlight are filtering through the blinds on my curtains, and I'm reminded of the dream I had with Marina and Cortés. It makes more sense now, since that must have been when I had also gone through the Crossover without realizing it.

Ichika must have been a friend of hers, but then why did I appear in my own body tonight and rather than seeing through the perspective of one of Christopher Columbus' men?

That's something which needs to be asked about as soon as I see Aidan again, as well as bring up the fact that there was an uninvited guest sitting on my wall in the middle of the night who may have broken into my house.

I sit back down on my bed, wincing as the alarm clock goes off. I bang it off, missing the button the first few times because of my drowsiness. I drag myself back off the bed, opening my cupboards and staring at my shelves of clothes before opting to change into a floral skirt, white lacy top, cropped denim jacket and cream coloured sandals.

Hopefully my better thought-out attire will prevent any further hallucinations due the summer heat. I'm still so uncertain about whether or not my interaction with Aidan last night was a figment of my imagination, but it's a surety that seeing him today will clear things up. I get dressed into my clothes and then continue with my usual routine of packing my bag and heading to the kitchen for breakfast.

I see my dad reading the paper as he usually does and my mom stirring her coffee and I suddenly remember Aidan's revelation last night about me being adopted. I approach the breakfast table and slouch into my seat, trying to think of a way to bring it up.

I'm saved by the motion of my dad getting up to check his emails before another meeting this morning and my mom going to touch up her make-up. What was I thinking anyway, I mean they would never tell me the truth if I started off by saying that I was asking if I'm adopted because a boy in my dreams last night told me I might be.

I eat my cornflakes quickly, and then wash my bowl before going back into my room and sitting down at my desk. I take out my laptop as well as an empty notebook and do a little research on Christopher Columbus...I figure that if I'm going to be popping in and out of history like a jack in the box...if last night really happened...I need to start building up information so I don't get killed for mentioning being on the wrong side of a war for instance.

After writing down a couple of points on the guy I also take a look at second hand scooters for sale, noticing that all of them are above my current price range. I shut my laptop in exasperation, just as I hear my dad's car pulling out of the garage. I sling my bag over my shoulder, stuffing the notebook in and grab my lunch before heading out the door to face day two of my new messy life.


The End

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