pg 14- Chapter 4: Unplanned exitMature

"There's no ways that's even possible, my parents would have told me I was adopted!"

"Not if the circumstances required them to have it hidden from you, and from what I've seen everything points to the fact that something has happened which they don't feel willing to share...have you ever seen any baby pictures of yourself, or have any of those embarrassing home videos of you dancing around in a tutu or princess crown?"

 Now I'm the one who's pacing, pulling my fingers through my hair and wiping my sweaty hands on my shirt and pyjama pants.

My stomach feels like I'm riding the world's wildest rollercoaster backwards with no seatbelt on when I realize I haven't ever seen any of the things he's talking about, simply because the only time I had ever brought it up my mom had looked at my dad nervously before saying that they had gotten lost the last time we had moved houses and I knew better than to bring it up again from the way she had answered.

"Before you explain anymore, please say why you feel the need to be telling me all this? Why couldn't you have just left me alone to carry on with my life?"

He picks up his sword in its sheath, which had been resting on the ground against the fallen tree up until this point.  He lays it across his lap, pulling out his blade and inspecting it up close, the weapon so pristine that I can see his reflection staring back at him.

"If I had left you to your own means, you might have wreaked havoc simply because of the fact that you had no clue what you were doing. Untrained Clepsydra can do as much harm as any Alterate...from now on I'll need to-"

I hunch over where I stand, my stomach feeling as if there is some invisible rope drawing it in three different directions. Aidan stands up, dropping his sword.

"What's happening? Why do I feel as if I'm being pulled apart like a rusty spring on a trampoline!?" Aidan walks towards me, concern written clearly on his face.

"You're waking up involuntarily for some reason and you fighting against it is causing you pain. You need to give in to it, let it take you like a current flowing through a stream."

"...But I don't want to go yet, you haven't finished explaining things to me!" I hold my hand up in front of my face, and I see it flickering in and out of visibility like a static T.V.

"I'll see you again tomorrow and finish explaining just don't forget to--" although I never heard the end of his sentence, because everything goes dark before he has the chance to finish.

The End

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