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“You’re seriously telling me that you don’t know anything about the Clepsydra?” his body is angled towards mine, and his hands are palm up and rested on his bent knees.

I squint my eyes at him and I’m pretty sure I look more lost than a vegetarian at a beef festival. “The what?”

He takes a deep breath and stands up, running his fingers through his hair before he begins pacing back and forth in front of me. “You really have no clue whatsoever, do you...”

“No, and I’d appreciate it if you would slow down the nervous pacing and get with more explaining! I’m supposed to be the one asking questions here, not you...and you still haven’t explained to me why you tried to kill me and are now NOT acting like I’m a piece of gum under your shoe like you’ve been treating me all day!”. 

Aidan stretches his arm over his head, rubbing the back of his neck whilst looking at me sceptically. I cross my arms over my chest stubbornly...I am determined not to leave him alone on this issue. I seriously need to know why I am seeing people from history in my dreams and feel like I have a chainsaw hacking my brain when he looks at me in a certain way. I am tired of being ignorant when he seems to have all the answers, and I won’t be giving up until I get them.

“I should probably start from the beginning...ever heard of time loops? Or the phrase ‘history repeats itself’?”

He stops pacing now, choosing to rather to sit on the log with his legs on either side of the fallen tree and his torso facing me.

I swivel and face him too, crossing my legs and giving him an incredulous look while saying “Yeah, its like a constant theme in most sci-fi films...”

“Well, that concept has been going on for way longer time than science fiction films have been around talking about fact it was first recorded in the ancient world in places like Greece, Rome and Babylon. They had this thing about time and seeing it as cyclical, meaning it goes on in cycles and everything repeats itself. This theory was first tested out by using water flowing through two clay pots with holes, where the water would go from one pot to another. They measured how long it took when the sun reached a certain point for the water to flow out, and then did the same thing the next day. This is how they got the whole concept about time repeating itself when the time taken was almost the same for the pots to empty, and then this pot-emptying system could be used to measure time and the time keeping device was known as a Clepsydra.”

I put my head in my hands and rubbed, feeling a headache becoming more and more prominent. “So, what has that got to do with me and my near-death experience?”

“There’s three different types of time as we know it today: the past, present and future... all of which are supposedly constantly repeating on each other, replaying the same events but with different characters and situations so to speak. Wars are started over the same land problems, conflict arises over love and friendships today start and end because of human behaviour same as they did a thousand years ago. What people don’t know however, is that through the space time continuum all these different sections, past present and future, overlap...”

He picks up a stick and draws  3 circles in the dirt, each circle with a small section overlapping into the other two circles.

“ one point, and we call this the Crossover. Most people don’t know about it let alone sense it, but there are a select few who have the ability to access it, and these people are the called the Clepsydra. Almost all of the Clepsydra are able to access the past through its loop with the present, and are given this skill on the condition that they will be custodians of the historical events which shaped history by helping to make sure that things go exactly according to the history books and preventing history changing and therefore changing the present as we know it today.”

Ok, this is DEFINITELY headache material.

I moan slightly, clenching my hands into fists. Aidan looks at me again, and I roll my eyes before saying “Don’t stop now; it’s just a lot to take in all at once. You still haven’t gotten to the part about why you were about to cut me down with your sword like a weed in a rose garden.” I arch my eyerows at him, willing him to continue.

“Ok...just tell me to stop if you don’t I was saying though about the whole condition thing. The responsibility of keeping history in order causes divisions between us, because not all of the Clepsydra agree on it. There are the Equilibrants; people who are suited to help important figures of history accomplish what they were meant to do even if they don’t get any recognition of it but fully accept the responsibility and so keep history in equilibrium. Have you heard the name of the girl who used to help sew the dresses which went on Marie Antoinette’s dolls and kept her happy? You wouldn’t have, she isn’t mentioned in any history books because she was insignificant but she carried out her purpose which having the gift of the Clepsydra bestows on you. The next kinds are Alterates. These Clepsydra believe that the gift is meant for them to be able to try and change history, whether for personal reasons or not. This kind is exceptionally dangerous as they are willing to do anything to get the outcome they think they will achieve by changing the parts they want to manipulate...”

“And what type are you?” I cut in, starting to realize the enormity of this all and struggling to come to grips with it. What part do I play in this big stinking mess?

The End

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