pg8- An end to a crazy day?Mature


 I dump my bag in the doorway of my room once we’ve arrived back home, then collapse on my dove-grey and pastel blue coloured duvet on my neatly made bed. I have literally closed my eyes for two seconds when I hear my phone buzzing.

I moan in frustration, taking my sweet time deciding whether I’m up for any conversations before launching myself off the bed and become sprawled on the floor. I look like an idiot lying there trying to reach for my phone in my bag before it goes to voice mail.

I hit the answer button, putting it to my ear only to wrench it away again as a high-pitched scream erupts from the speakers. When the auditory slaughter ends, I put the phone closer and hear what sounds like an over-excited and hyperactive Anna speaking at the speed of light on the other end.

“Anna, slow down and lower the pitch and volume. You sound like you could be a chipmunk mascot for an energy drinks company!”

I hear my friend take a few deep breaths before saying “He did it Elena, he asked me!!”

“Whoa there, who asked you what?”A small squeal was barely contained on her side as she explained further.

“Daniel...he asked me out this weekend!” I could hear the wide smile she wore, and it made me grin in return. My best friend tended to fall a bit too hard too fast, but I watch out for her when the need for it arises.

“Care to share any details with me An? Or I am going to just keep guessing?” I say with a playful tone, and another small squeal erupted before she says, “Well he said it was going to be a surprise, and that all I need to know is that he’ll be picking me up on Saturday night at 7...oh, and he said to wear something with long pants”.

“Well that sure does sound rather mysterious for a first date,” I say with cautiousness. I know that although she would never let them know it, Anna is more than capable of handling any guy that comes her way.

“I’m happy for you Anna and I can’t wait to hear more from you on it tomorrow but unfortunately I have a ton of homework to do. Talk to you a bit later maybe”

“Ok Lena, but you’ll be sorry tomorrow when I won’t be able to stop talking about it!” I chuckle, shaking my head.

“See you tomorrow An” and with that final note, I put my phone down and carry on lying on my bed. Truth is I don’t have any homework to do seeing as it was only the first day back, but with the day I have had I posess very little patience to be making mushy talk about Daniel.

I take a deep breath in through my nose then I jump off my bed and go and take a shower to get rid of the chlorine smell in my hair. After changing into pyjamas (a rather shabby pair of purple star-patterned pants and a matching purple tank top) I eat dinner with my parents and skilfully avoid their questions as to what I did at school.

Retiring to my bedroom, I make a lame attempt at getting further in the reading we’ve been given to do for English this term. I read the same page about three times before I finally give up and put down the book on my bedside table, realizing that I’m about as interested in the inner workings of “Pride and Prejudice” as I am in my ceiling fan.

I pull the sheets back and fluff my pillow, before turning off my bedside lamp and embracing sleep with open arms


The End

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