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The rest of the day passes in a blur, just a consistent process of arriving for lessons, taking out notes and attempting to focus before the bell rings and the whole thing starts again.  By the time the final bell rings for early closure I am all too excited to jump into the water polo pool for the team trials.

I walk to the poolside girls locker rooms and get changed into my costume along with all the other girls who are trying out today. I'm not planning on making the school’s first team; which is why I am at second and third team trials. I just want to make it into second team so I can play around in the pool twice a week and go to a few matches, since sport participation looks great on a university application. I rather want to play for the first side in my last year of school.

I jump into the pool as the coach arrives and I swim a few warm up lengths before we are divided into two teams. There is an odd number of people trying out, so the group I am placed in has one player too many. I opt to sit out for the first half of the try-out match and so sit on the bench to cheer on the rest of the girls in the pool.

As it comes to half time through the match, when I am meant to swap with one of the other girls and we can discuss strategy, I notice someone leaning against the fence on the far side of the pool area.

That certain someone happens to be Aidan.

I am so momentarily confused at his appearance yet a lack of any mind-numbing pain coming from my head, that I don’t notice that everyone has gotten into the pool before the coach’s whistle brings me back to reality. I dive straight in, making it into the water in time before the starting whistle goes off and I swim down the length of the pool. I am looking around for an open player or a gap in the other teams defense when I feel the nail-gun sensation assault the back of my skull. I glimpse in Aidan’s direction to see him focusing on me, a look of concentration painted on his face.

My eyes go out of focus for a breath before the pain is gone again, but by now my team has possession of the ball and I am trailing behind my teammates. I sprint back, swimming past my opponents towards an open space. Then it happens again, the throbbing making my head pound so hard I gasp. I look back at Aidan to see his eyebrows knitted together whilst he stares at me. I am now certain he must be the cause of my miniature brain implosions and I am so NOT in the mood to have this strange, beautifully sculpted yet infuriating new guy mess up my one chance at getting into the team I want.

I give him an icy stare before making up my mind about proving a point to him.  I spin around my partner before treading water, calling to one of my teammates to pass me the ball. I sprint into a temporarily free bit of water in front of the goal's centre and catch the ball in my hand. I use a big kick to launch myself above the water as high as I can go.

Time seems almost frozen as I glance back at Aidan, narrowing my eyes before re-facing the goals and using all my strength to hurl the ball past the goalie protecting the net. The ball flies through the air; spinning in slow motion before hitting the back of the goal’s net as the coach’s whistle goes for the end of the match.

My face just about splits with my grin of satisfaction, but when I look back to shove my smugness under Aidan’s nose all I see is an empty space and stirred up leaves where I thought I had seen Mr Creepy just a moment ago.

“The team selection list will be up sometime tomorrow, so keep your eyes on the sports board,” the coach says as I hoist myself out the pool, completely at a loss for any explanation as to why Aidan seems to be ruling my brain space today.

I grab my towel out my bag, and dry myself off before walking into the girl’s poolside locker room to get changed. After getting changed back into my clothes I meet my dad out in the parking lot, putting my bag into the boot before heaving myself into the backseat.

He’s driven halfway down the road towards the main highway before asking “How was your first day back for this term?”

I sigh, nod my head and reply “Fine...nothing out of the ordinary really.”


The End

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