pg6- Science painsMature


I am early for class this time, rather opting to use my extra time to look over my work before the hour of mental torture I know is awaiting me begins.

People make their way in around me, sitting down and taking their places in their desks. Somehow I can feel those colours again...everyone seems to have a blue-grey aura about them, a sort of nervous energy that is hard to ignore. That’s when I feel it again...a violent throb wracks my brain for the second time today.

The science notes in front of me go blurry and start dancing before my eyes, and that’s when he walks in. I take a couple of deep breaths before looking up to see Aidan glance my way as he takes the seat in the corner of the class. The throbbing calms down and now that I can finally semi-concentrate again I notice that Mrs Morees had entered the room and is already handing out the question paper. She places a page on my desk and I can barely write my name through my swimming vision.

I spend the next hour trying to work out calculations with a pumping head and a shaky hand. By the time it is over and Mrs Morees sys that our time is up I am ready to keel over and eat headache tablets like they're M&M’s.

I chance a look over at Aidan, only to find him smirking in my direction. I don’t know how but I think he can somehow sense my discomfort, as if he knows his presence might be the cause of it. I glared back at him, determined not to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he is affecting me.

He just narrows his eyes before giving me a drop-dead look. I wither in response, averting my gaze back down to my desk. What is wrong with me? Since when do I ever back down from a challenge? I may not have the confidence of a public speaker, but I’m not some wallflower who lies down to be walked all over like a door mat.

I turn my attention back towards my teacher, who at this point is reminding us to bring our chemistry books tomorrow so we can start on a new chapter. The bell rings promptly and I run out of the class so fast I might have left skid marks in my wake.


The End

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