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Hey everyone, Michaela here. So this is the second chapter of my first ever book (*fist pumps the air*). Going to get really busy soon so the chapters might be posted a bit later than I would like for the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone who has read the first chapter in the book, it really is an encouragement and I hope you continue to read on and enjoy the rest of it, if possible could you make any comments with suggestions or just a sentence saying whether you found the chapter ok or not? Kind regards to you all... Bye :) x


I storm into the lunch room and find Anna sitting at our usual table in the corner of the cafeteria next to the window. From here we have a prime view of everyone during lunch, and we even have the picturesque view of the school garden.

Most of trees are green and a few of the flowers are still in bloom, like little colourful rebels against the heat of summer.I take a seat opposite my friend and remove my sweater before reaching into my bag for my lunchbox.

“Jeepers Lena, who managed to put you in such a horrid mood?”

I proceed to take a long gulp of my water before answering her, trying to calm myself down.

“The new guy you were talking about An? As hot as he is, his appearance is definitely ruined by his sucky personality...that creeper couldn’t stop giving me dagger eyes throughout English. He doesn’t even know me and he said something along the lines of seeing me tonight in a way which makes me not look forward to the experience, just before he left when the bell rang.”

“Lena, I think you’re just getting a bit out of your mind with this heat...that’s what you get for wearing a sweater and jeans in the middle of summer! Now just calm down, drink the rest of your water and listen to me. There’s no ways you heard what you heard, so unless he approaches you again today just write it off as a mild heat stroke induced hallucination.”

She smiles at me then, and I know that she is probably right. The school has been saving up to get air cons and more ventilators put in after students have been dropping like flies during summer due to the heat, and this was probably just something similar to that. I sigh, willing to accept that my day is just getting weirder and weirder.

Anna goes on to tell me about how Daniel Yeyta had passed her a note in Maths, but it had been intercepted by Mr Trell before she had been able to read it.

“I totally think he likes me Len, and he’s not exactly bad looking so I don’t have any objections!”

I know Daniel. He is a pretty quiet guy who doesn’t really stick out from the crowd. Nobody knows much about him except that he works down at the General Store during every odd weekend.  

“Oh Anna, let’s not have a repeat of the 5th grade incident when you thought Jack Kindle liked you, but he was really just passing a note asking if you had a spare eraser...”

Anna cringes slightly, clearly remembering the very embarrassing incident which had occurred that day. “Er, I guess you’re right...but I won’t be professing my love for him in front of the entire grade during break this time. I’ll wait for him to make the first move.”

She gives me a naughty wink, and I just roll my eyes at her before finishing off the rest of my lunch. I hand her the algebra worksheets she had missed and show her where she can find explanations in the textbook.

The bell rings as I am packing away the last of my things, and Anna had already run off to ‘bump into’ Daniel on her way to her next lesson. I throw the apple core from the remainders of my lunch into the bin as well as an empty crisp packet Anna had decided to scrunch up and put on my Maths book.

I open my science book for some last minute revision before walking towards my Physics class, knowing all too well that I’m going to look forward to my science test as much as I would look forward to having my teeth extracted.


The End

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