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The drive to school takes a while...the traffic is pretty backed-up due to all the students in Port Greylet travelling back to school today.

My town is tiny in comparison to New York or Tokyo, but it isn't the sort of place which you could blink whilst driving through and miss altogether. Tourists usually flock here during summer, and a lot of money can be made working at any ice-cream store down at the beachfront. I know this from experience, seeing as this term I have only 4 weeks left of weekend shifts at Scoops, a popular ice cream place right on the beach, before I can finally quit. When that's done, I can spend all the money I have saved up to buy the scooter I want and with it my freedom.

My phone buzzes, and I reach into my bag to pull it out and read the message I know will be from my best friend Anna.

 "Omygosh when are you getting here? Some new guy is walking into the office to register and may I just add that he is an F.I.N.E addition to the Greylot High's male student body! Seriously...he makes the 8/10's we rated here look like 4/10's in comparison!"

 Oh, typical Anna...first day back and she already has her head in the clouds over some guy.

"Be there soon as I can, about 5 minutes away...try not drool too noticeably and gawk at the poor dude in a not very charming manner until I get there" I typed back to her, hitting the send button as we take the side road leading towards my school. 

My dad pulls off to the side into a school parking bay a few minutes later, and I kiss him lightly on the cheek before reaching for the handle and opening the car door.

"Good luck for science Elena, and enjoy your day," I close the door before peering through the open window.

"Thanks Dad, see you at 2:30." I turn around and begin walking towards the school building, when my phone buzzes again. I step through the school door, walk down the passage towards my locker and pull my phone out for the second time. "Incoming!!" it reads. 

I barely have enough time to register what the message means before Anna comes hurling at me from behind a corner and encases me in one of her semi-famous hugs.

The look of surprise on my face morphs into a fit of giggles as I hug her back...I had missed her so much while she was away during the break. My best friend looks like she has just stepped out of a Greek wall mural, with her long legs and flawless skin. Her hazel eyes and sweeping wall of perfectly straightened ebony hair are all I can see as she squeezes me tightly, telling me without words that she had missed me just as much as I had missed her.

She looks ravishing as per usual with a strappy red top, chestnut leather jacket and black pleated skirt with stockings and knee-high boots. She pulls back slightly, assessing me from head to toe.

"Damn girl, how did you manage to get even hotter while I was gone?" She winks at me, and I give her my usual glare which she knows is never serious. She puts her arm around my shoulders as she walks with me towards my locker.

Once we reach it, she leans against the locker next to mine while clutching some of her books to her chest. I busy myself packing books for my first few lessons, while she continues to catch me up on the newest arrival.

"He's just to DIE for Lena, a total jaw-dropping example of a perfect human being....I swear I would have thought he was some fine art statue if he hadn't been wearing normal clothes and moving around. Rumours are flying around about him. Lisa from English told me his parents are British millionaires who own a house in every continent on the map, while Bridgette swears she'll give me the full story in Maths of how he killed someone from the mafia and is hiding out here until things cool down!"

I just listen with half an ear, knowing fully that most girls in my school could twist anything into an over-exaggerated juicy form of gossip if given half the chance. Anna, as much as I love her, also has the tendency to find something at least slightly attractive about a guy, so it's fully understandable that I have my doubts about this new person.

 Just then the bell rings so I finish packing my bag before turning to Anna and giving her a final hug.

"See you at lunchtime Anna, and don't forget to bring your Maths textbook so I can catch you up on the algebra you missed for leaving a day early" She smiles before sticking out her tongue and spinning around to make her way towards her home base class, her small boot heels clicking on the floor tiles as she walks.

I pick up my now significantly heavier bag off the floor then head in direction of Mr Stalinks classroom.


The End

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