Not Without a Fight!

    From behind, Tunney heard the battle cry of the Curvaceans.

    "Hey there, Big Fella."

     As her smoky, honeyed voice curled out like an Aboudian  Toad's tongue,  Varis reached for her flight suit's Flikit zipper at her sculpted, slightly damp neck.

     "Sure is hot here," she sighed. "Do you mind?"

     Slowly, and with a smile that would make a Tangulian Stone Snake do the tango, she drew the cosmic-wide patented double-tracked Flikit down. Tunney watched as the welcoming party's energy weapons rose at the same rate.

    "Twin moons of Ondara," moaned the well-dressed official. He twitched twice as he crumpled, activating his weapon and spewing Remington 9S Radon shot into the Utopian sky.

    "That's OK, boys; it happens," cooed Varis calmly, her hand now travelling down the sculpted flat of her belly. Too late, Tunney called a Code Nine Protective. Doctor Bacon had already dropped to a cross-legged squat and his eyes were vacant as he scribbled poetry in his FisherPrice Orbiter pad. Tunney barely had time to note his title, Ode to Orbs, and a first line about heavenly bodies as he spun to see Loomis obediently squeezing his eyes shut in perfect Code Nine, but already trembling dangerously in stage one rapture.

     Mightily reciting multiplication tables at the sight of the lieutenant commander's emerging shoulders as her flight suit unfurled, the commander swiftly looked beyond her at the three remaining soldiers. One was classic Stage Four catatonic, frothing slightly and mumbling about someone named Anna, his energy weapon limp at his side. Another had cast his armament and arms wide and was singing an ancient opera while looking pitifully into the melted Cadbury chocolate eyes of Varis.

    Only the last soldier remained a threat.

    Cruelty hung on his thick AstraBotox lips as he kept his Colt UDustEm 990 levelly trained on the Atlas crew.

    "Nice try," he spat.

     Desperately, Tunney tried to think in a fog of activity. From the ground beside him, Tunney heard Bacon ask for a word that rhymed with ripple. Varis declared her operation terminated. From his Premium JupitHear ear bud, he heard the helm report that the Atlas programs were not responding and did they want to send a report to Megasoft? Loomis, meanwhile, was humming an ancient BeeGees tune.

     Heck, there's always one, decided the commander. He made a decision.

    "She's right; it is hot here," he said with a vulpine smile. "Do you mind?"

    He reached for the Velcro ZZZ tag on his own zipper and slowly pulled it down. As the last soldier's eyes widened,  Varis gamma'ed him with her Ronco Ring Rocket (not yet available in general retail).

   "Good stuff, Lieutenant," said Tunney as they both drew their zippers up. "And you did nice work there, too."


The End

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