The Claim {Introduction}

This is just a story I've had stuck in my head for ever and finally got the beginning down on paper so to speak

      She must keep running. Her heart was already beating 3 times its normal pace, but she refused to go back to that hell hole.
"Elizibeth you can not hide." called the voice that haunted her night scares. The voice seemed to be coming from the wind itself. she had to run not just for her life but for her growing child's.
    Then a hand grabbed and pulled her to the ground, and she was forced to stare into the almost black eyes of her former master.. He smiled maliciously, his eyes swimming with perverse enjoyment.
"Elizibeth, don't you ever learn." he said while kneeling down beside her crippled body, brushing a piece of her white-blond hair. "I told you, you may never leave until I am done with you."
    Elizibeth mustered up enough energy to give a forceful glare and spit in the face of her master showing him once and for all her feelings.
"Oh dearest, you shouldn't have done that.." He said grabbing her ankle and while she tried to get him to let go ripped it out of its socket with inhuman force making her let out an ear shattering scream ripping through the once quiet of the glen.
"You...will...never...have...her Nikolas...Never!" She manged to choke out but her voice quivering with uncertainty. The words were more meant for self assurance then to threaten.
"But thats where you're wrong. no matter what you do, where you go, you are mine. Or have you forgotten." He growled with intense distaste "You are mine by right as are any relations after all you drew blood." Elizibeth could tell by the look on his face -one that would have been very handsome if not distorted by rage-that he would cause pain even if he wasn't the one to inflict it he would make sure she would suffer for her betrayal.
 Then without words Nikolas Kerington got up took one last look at the only woman he had ever loved and disappeared into the mist leave Elizibeth alone, in pain and going into labor.

The End

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