The SearchMature

Zero walked down the street, this time with Blade. "So who were the first guys that tried to get me," Zero questioned Blade as they walked towards the warehouse they thought Shadow was hanging out. Blade pursed her lips as they walked,"One of the agents." Zero sighed,"So i was that close to going back to The Camp." Blade ignored Zero not wanting to think about losing Zero and said,"Were here."

The warehouse was three stories tall and brick. It was definitely abandoned. Some windows were blown out or missing. "Such a nice place to live." Zero grunted. "It's not that bad inside," a voice grunted back. Zero whipped around and came face to face with a tall dark haired teen who was wearing a black leather jacket. "Shadow. How's it been," Blade twirled her hair. Shadow rolled his eyes,"Same Blade as usual." Blade rolled her eyes. Shadow walked towards the warehouse,"Why are you guys here?" Zero laughed,"Cant we just show up to say hi to our fellow torture mate?" Shadow got to the door and laughed,"First that sentance made no sense what so ever. And second watch you eyes it's bright." Zero went to open the door and said,"Ya sure. There's no light coming out of the windows." Zero opened the door and stared directly at the spotlight and thought My eyes just got raped! Then the worst voice he ever heard was spoken,"Welcome home."It  was the voice of The Director of The Camp.                     

The End

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