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Zero shook his head,"So why do you have me tied up?Are you afraid of me?" Blade laughed,"Hardly. Don't you know cats eat birds?" Zero had a mischievous smile,"What are you going to eat me?" Blade laughed even harder,"Now now are you hinting at something?" Zero raised an eyebrow,"Maybe. Maybe not. So whats the real reason i'm here tied up?"

Blade got all serious,"The Camp have agents after us." Horror engulfed Zero,"No. They'll never find us." Blade sighed,"I wish that was true. But they are already in the city." Zero grimaced,"How did they know?" Blade went and got a knife and started cutting at Zeros bonds,"Sorry I don't know. Plus i'm sorry about tying you up, I did it so you wouldn't try to get away before I could talk to you."

Zero groaned a s he got up and stretched his wings. Zero's wings have a seven foot wing span of jet black feathers. "Nice." Blade complimented nodding to his wings. "I forgot, what can you do?" Zero teased knowing Blade wanted to show off at any chance she got. Blade grinned and did a back flip and landed on her left big toe and stayed perfectly balanced. "I could be the best gymnast in the world," Blade boasted. Zero grinned,"Anything else?" Blade crouched and in less than a minute in her place was a black jaguar. From the jaguar came Blades voice,"I think this is way cooler than your wings." Zero grinned,"I don't know flying is cool."  Blade transformed back. "Whats next," Zero questioned Blade. Blade looked Zero in the eyes, "We find shadow." 

The End

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