The BeginningMature

Zero is a hybrid. Which means he is part bird. That's right bird. He is only one of three hybrids who escaped from The Camp. One of the others is Shadow, a guy is part wolf. Also there's Blade, who is part cat. When they escaped from The Camp they parted ways. Now they have to team up if they want to survive.

Zero walked the dark street at the stroke of midnight wondering if she would show up or not. Cars whizzed by him however one van slowed behind him. Instantly his senses were on alert but he keep walking. Still nothing happened. He turned around and as soon as he did a gloved hand covered his mouth with a rag. For a minute he struggled then he started to grow weary and as he struggled to stay conscious he heard gun fire and the rag fell away as Zero fell to the ground. The last thing he heard before he fell unconscious was a female voice say,"Well well well what do we have here?"

As Zero regaining conscious he became aware of two things; first there was a hushed conversation going on near him and second his arms, legs, and wings were tied against him. He groaned in pain when he tried to spread his wings. "Oh look our feathered friend is awake," said the female voice that he heard earlier. "Blade. How long has it been? A year? Two?" Zero turned to Blade, a tall blonde with blue feline eyes. She was wearing a private school uniform top with a blue skirt. Not to mention she had gun in one hand and a soda in the other. In all respects she was quite stunning. "Its only been three weeks sense we left that God awful place"Blade snapped,"Or have you forgotten?" If only I could forget that place Zero thought to himself.

To Be Continued...  

The End

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