Chapter Four, Page Nine, The City of Locked Doors.Mature

The sergeant snarled and released his Hyde. The transformation occurred in the lapse of a second; his humane body sundered and broke, the flesh tore and the vestigial corruption of his form expanded to rule it entirely. The other red guards cursed and drew back, frantically pushing themselves up against the doors and twisting their handles. Noir flicked his hand again and every lock clicked into the place, imprisoning them with their commander.

The sergeant slowly roused itself from the smoking, gore stained grating of Umbras. Its form was coated in sapphire feathers but it was devoid of wings and flightless. It slunk down to its forelegs and slowly began to circle Noir, its feline maw open and dripping noxious saliva. Its tail thrashed suddenly, hurling a barrage of venomous spines at Noir that just bounced off him. The sergeant drew back slightly, reassessing Noir.

Be careful, it's a Variatur and clearly venomous, we don't know what other abilities it has.

Probably none, he is only a sergeant.

The Variatur gave sudden hiss and lunged forward, flinging spines from its tail. Noir moved easily, swerving around its assault before turning as it passed and crushing it skull against the ground with an open hand. Straightening, he flicked the gore of his hand and turned to the remaining red guards, "I believe we were just about to discuss the incredible idiocy of your life choices."


Noir left the Grim District to find a squadron of white guards waiting for him just across the boundary line. They called out to him as he approached and he waved in return, scanning through their faces until he saw Adrian in their midst. Lieutenant Dorian shoved through the gathered white guards with an infuriated cry and stabbed his finger at Noir as he arrived, "What are you doing here?"

Noir reached him and halted, leaning truculently to the side, "I work here."

Dorian issued a violent exhale of exasperation and threw his hands into the air, "You should be dead!"

Noir made a mollifying gesture, "You shouldn't have worried; it was only a sergeant and half a dozen privates."

Dorian issued another cry, "No, you should have died there! If you had let them kill you we could have issued claims of faulty protection if not full out assault!" He sighed and rubbed his brow, "can you tell, me where are your attackers at least?"

"Yeah, they're dead somewhere back there." Noir pointed back at the grim district with a thumb.

"You killed them! How could you be so stupid?" Dorian spun around, clawing at his hair and audibly grinding his teeth, "Now they're going to claim we assaulted them! You might have just single-handedly started a war!"

Noir rolled his eyes, "Killing some of Grim's soldiers is not going to start a war, especially not when they were killed in his district while escorting me home."

Dorian spun back on him, his finger stabbing outward, "That is useless to us! I demand that you go back to the battle ground and kill yourself!"

Noir looked at him for a moment and then surged forward, impaling him with his hand. Dorian gurgled helplessly for a second and then fell limp. Noir discarded the Lieutenant's corpse and pushed his through the white guards, who were all rolling their eyes, until he reached Adrian, "You okay kid?"

She nodded, "Yes sir, I ran back just as you told me to and informed Proctor Doll of your situation."

He strolled past, hands once more buried in his pockets, "Good."

She followed him as one of the white guards called for someone to find Gregorio and for somebody else help him carry Lieutenant Dorian back to the Dollhouse, "Where are we going to now sir."

"We are going back home where I'll work very hard at having you write my report."

You scoundrel, making somebody else do your job! That is utterly despicable!

Oh, shut up.

The End

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