Something's Off

“Seriously?” The tired girl complained at her penguin alarm clock. She sat up on the bed and grabbed the penguin with a tight grip as if to punish it, “Couldn’t you just let me sleep in for once?” She asked distressed and pressed the off button.

The short and petite girl went with her regular routine. Once both her feet were on the carpet she yawned and stretched whilst running her fingers through her black hair that ended at her shoulders. She walked over to her closet and grabbed her school uniform, nothing special about it. It consisted of a red plaid skirt, blouse, and black blazer with the school’s logo knitted into it.

Her next destination was the bathroom then, brush her teeth, take a quick shower, change her clothes, grab her typical schoolgirl bag then sprint down stairs. Unlike many students her parents were rarely downstairs to meet her since they both had day jobs however her mother always made sure to leave a sandwich for her on the kitchen table.

She took the sandwich in her hand and walked out the door. Just a usual day. She thought to herself as she walked down her usual path, it was normally a thirty minute walk from here to school. As she walked however she felt something unseemly. She stopped and looked around for a moment. Nothing was out of place but… she couldn’t help but think that something was off.  

The End

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