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Eleni, Vito, Fallon, and Demir. all students of interest. All attend the same academy as i am currently enrolled in, Newark Academy. I love this place so. It's where all of the most interesting people attend, most likely because of the lack of research that the school does on its students, as well as its cheap cost for such an elite academy. Those are, of course some of the reasons i attend. Mostly because the school board is paying me to do it, though. Those dirty little pricks, paying such a high profile assassin as myself to find the holes in the academy and take care of them. These holes, of course, being  dangerous or inhuman students. I wonder about Eleni, though. She does have a very interesting history, but she seems human to me. The only question i have for her being where she came from. She wouldn't be able to answer, simply because even she probably doesn't know. That Vito on the other hand has been a thorn in my side since day one. How i long to make him disappear. He thinks himself superior simply because he is inhuman, but i will show him who is superior. I will destroy the fear all the other students have for him as well as him. He will be my first point of contact, then. I will destroy him first.

He walked through the hallway, distilling fear into all who saw him. They cleared out of the hall as soon as they possibly could. I was the one left standing there, watching him past me. I smirked as he passed me, making my defiance against him as clear as possible. He glanced up at my eyes, glaring. His eyes had a sort of darkness to them. Not in color, but in depth. He very hallway seemed to drop its temperature, but that isn't uncommon for a inhuman. He took his eyes off of me, turning the corner and exiting the hallway.

“Did that really just happen?” I heard a voice come from a classroom.

“Wait! Are Ace and Vito some kind of enemies?” Another said.

“I knew that Ace wouldn't be afraid of Vito, nobody can beat Ace!”

“Yeah, you're right! Maybe someone will finally get rid of that Vito kid!”

It fueled me to hear them silently praise me like that, further pushing me to take down Vito. The bell rang and the students hurried to the class that they actually had.

This school is like none other. I love this place so. Demir isn't even much of an issue, same with the others, but  Vito… I’ll love tearing him apart.

I hurried to my classroom, taking the seat in the back. All the eyes in the class were on me, their stare seeming to cancel out the the talking of the teacher. I loved it, i had to suppress my smile. I could tell they what they were thinking. Their eyes were filled with hope that i would somehow stop Vito. They had all heard the stories about the kid who tried to shake Vito’s hand, and how he crushed it. And about the kid who tried to get close to him, and how that kid ended up in the hospital. Their fear was reasonable, but so was their faith in me, for i am the best.

Fine Vito, if you are so strong. Come and get me. This is my challenge to you, get me befor i get you. This should be fun.

The End

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