One week after the main outbreak, nothing was the same as before. Not a single living person was seen ever walking around either during the day or at night. However, the living dead had no such problems. They were swarmed everywhere, devouring the rest of the previous week's leftovers.

This was the condition of things for as far as Samatha knew. She was holed up in the basement of a local diner in Burnstown along with three other survivors, all of whom may not have been physically harmed much, but mentally, they were torn to shreds. Samantha was trying to keep them with a low profile, but it was hard considering every 15 minutes one would start shouting something like, "Let me leave! I don't care about life anymore!" while swaying back and forth in a corner. Every time this happened, Samantha would brush her dirty blond hair out of her eyes, sit down next to them and pat their backs saying quietly, "It's okay. We can go home soon."

She knew that she couldn't be farther from the truth. Food supplies were running short because most of the food was stored upstairs, and she couldn't risk going up there unarmed like she was. She had figured out that the food would last them three more days, at which point she had come to terms with the fact that she would probably be dead within the next week. The situation was pretty grim. 

She was tired because of a week of sleepless nights, so she didn't realize that she had drifted off until it was too late.

One of the survivors, a man named Lucas Kilbalm, with a round stomach and a red face, had somehow in his addled brain he thought that enough was enough, and that he had to leave. He got up, and after stumbling around a little, found the stairs and started to climb.

Another survivor, one Matthew Byrd, watched him go. He hadn't spoken since the beginning of the ordeal, silently contemplating how he was going to get himself and that girl out of here alive. He was, in fact, sane, and he figured that the less he appeared sane, the less the other two would want to escape with him. She had figured that the quietness was a result of massive traumatic stress, or in other words, insanity. He knew it was time to act.

He walked over to Sam, nudged her a bit with his shoe, and said a bit loud, "Wake up, its time to leave." 

She slowly woke up, and realizing who was talking, straightened up. 

"Oh so you can talk," she said. then she asked something that would have been a strange and joking question a few weeks ago. "Are you sane?"

"Yes, I am. and one of the others just went upstairs." He seemed more interested in the stairs than in her, and with good reason, because the sound of screaming was coming from upstairs. 

She nearly jumped through the ceiling. "Oh, no! He can't go up there! Lucas! Lucas!" Not thinking, she scrambled up the steps two at a time.

"You idiot! Do you want to be eaten?" He grabbed the nearest object there was at hand, which was a frying pan, and chased after her.

She was frozen in the doorway, about 5 yards away from the bloody corpse of Lucas, and above that a slobbering, snarling zombie. Then, a few things happened at once. The first was, the zombie lunged straight for Sam. Second, Mat arrived and shoved Samantha out of the way and onto the floor of the diner. And lastly, the zombie sunk its teeth right into Matthew's neck.

He screamed, a very short but loud scream, and he yanked the zombie off his neck and pushed it away, and blood spattered across the floor underneath him. The zombie had been thrown into the counter, and so Matt, bleeding from the hole in his neck, used the frying pan to smash the zombies head into the counter, instantly killing it. 

He turned to Sam, who was staring at him with a large mix of disgust and respect. Then he said, "This is where it ends. Get to Close Ridge City and call for help. Do this and you will save countless lives." With that he said goodbye, said a short prayer, grabbed a sharp knife off the counter on his left, and plunged it into his own chest.

Sam rushed outside, not wanting to see his body, and was caught with a bright flash of light, which temporarily blinded her. Once she got used to the light, she looked around. There were trees, the movie theater, and the police station. She took it all in, and once she did, she had a shocking realization. 

She was outside.

The End

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