The City of AngelMature

Noire is a genre not explored much here on Protagonize.
We're making a change.
Come on down and read a collaboration between Babyrhinos and Westrina.


I'm detective Marc Angel, a homicide detective down at the LAPD. My partner, Herman Clyde, and I investigate some of LA's most mysterious murders. We've caught serial killers, rapists, mass murderers, and then some.

Along with my job as a detective, I'm also a very unsuccessful author. I've written accounts of some of my strangest cases. This book is one of those accounts.

This book, like many of my other books, is told from two perspectives. One perspective being mine, of course. The other perspective being the perspective of one of my best friends.


This case follows Rebekah and I as we investigate one of LA's most violent series of murders. I like to call this case, "A Foot in the Door".

The End

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