The Cities, They Each Have Their Song/San Francisco

San Francisco,

a saloon of a town, whiskey-ed and wild,

sailors in port, miners in town,

Frisco is a fever, a gold fever,

the passionate port of call just beyond the civil and mild.


San Francisco,

a wild west town on the outskirts of China,

paper dragons, buzzing neon, a firecracker of a place,

seductive dolls dressed in embroidered silk,

Frisco is a dream, an exotic dream,

the stuff of opium smoke and Shanghai-ed souls.


San Francisco,

open your eyes and behold her golden doors,

open your ears and hear her streetcar bells,

open your arms and embrace her Barbary breasts,

Frisco is a love, a wild-eyed love,

the Saturday night out for the rest of the world.




The End

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