The CircusMature



The woman let out a blood curdling scream as the knife passed into her side, penetrating the flesh. Blood spurted from the gash left by the knife and began to flow. The man holding the knife laughed and bent down next to her.  

The woman was tied to a chair and the man had been constantly torturing her for hours. Her left leg was broken, along with all of her fingers. She had several slits all over her body where he had slit her with the knife along her, cutting her, but not fatally. She had one stab wound in her side. He seemed to take enjoyment from her suffering, constantly laughing and smiling.

   He began pacing the room, teasing her, drawing out her suffering. He paused to lick her blood from the knife. He turned his back on her and stared at the fire he had burning. He licked his lips and turned. He had a malicious glint in his eyes, a sadistic grin on his face. He began walking slowly towards her. She was pleading with him “ more...please.....”And she broke off sobbing.

  “Don’t worry dear, it’s almost over, almost time for you to join the rest of them” he said as he approached. He raised the knife as he walked and it glinted in the firelight. “You have been the most fun to work with...which is why I’ve kept you alive so long. But it is almost your time.”

   He twisted the knife around in his hand and then, quick as a flash plunged it into her stomach. Blood gushed from her and he grabbed the bucket to her left to catch it in. It filled up in a matter of seconds. He stood up and moved around behind the chair. He moved around to her side and grabbed her arm. He sawed it off from the shoulder down and put it aside. He did the same with her other arm. He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back. He placed the knife on her throat, paused, “it’s over now” and he pulled the blade across her neck. All the blood in her body was draining out of her form her neck, stomach and side. He moved around to her side and grabbed her arm. He sawed it off from the shoulder down and put it aside. He did the same with her other arm.

   When he was done, he cut the ropes binding her body and she slumped to the ground. He called out and his accomplices came into the tent. He left them to clean up and walked from the tent. His accomplices threw her body onto the fire, among the other burning bodies. He strolled out into the cool night air and looked up into the cloudy sky. They would be moving on tomorrow, looking for a new batch, and he was looking forward to it. He walked to his trailer and went inside. His dog was tied up in the corner and he whined as his master entered. The man picked up the whip and struck the animal once, and it went silent. It was used to the beatings, it got them daily. His master took a beer from the fridge and sat down on the couch. He smiled to himself, pleased. He took a swig of beer and inhaled deeply. He caught the smell of burning bodies coming through the window, a smell he was accustomed to, and he chuckled. He looked at the dog in the corner once more, and then he fell asleep.

The End

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