On the Road

With the awesome power that lay in my hands, I was bereft of just one thing - a destination. For a moment, I once again realised the pointlessness of going somewhere. But I decided that it was better to put my foot to the pedal, and let her rip, just to feel what it felt like to go that fast. It was of course, an ethereal sensation. The roads were empty, and there was no one to stop me. It was just me and the road. Breezing past me as if it wasn't me, but the road itself that was racing to meet its end. Someting quite like what I was doing. I had given up all pretense of steering, and was letting my foot do everything.

The jolt registered, but only mildly. It was some while before I realised I had run something...or worse ...someone over. I decided to step out and see what had happened, more out of curiosity than anything else.

It was a bird, a raven to be precise. It didn't show any signs of blood or mashed bones. It just lay there, unmoving. I almost felt sorry and sat down near the bird. Something about the frailty of life started to play in my mind. It wasn't very clear because I could also hear another raucous, admonishing  voice that, pretty much simultaneously, said, " What did you do that for ?"

The End

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