A Desire for Some Excitement

I decide to ignore the nonesense coming from London.

Hope can be a wonderful thing, but i had accepted my fate, and with it, i felt layers of social chains fall away from me. This last day was mine, completely mine.

To watch the last sunset would be nice, but there were many hours before, and so i lifted myself from the sand and walked away from the sea, deep in thought.

'There are no laws that apply anymore,' I thought as i reached the coastal road and turned to walk alongside it, observing the few people who were trying to continue theirs lives as if nothing had changed. 'I can kill, rape, steal... the world is really my oyster!'

He felt the stabbing of his morals and tried to ignore them, but couldn't. He was a good guy, had often prided himself on the fact, and cuold not think of an excuse to bring misery (however temporary) to another person.

"Looks like it's just me, myself and I," he sighed, as he reached his battered old jalopy. He stopped, saw the supercar parked in front, and looked back at his old battered car.

'Well, i guess a bit of theivery never hurt anyone,' he thought to himself, strolling past his car and towards the glistening red beast.

The End

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