The News From London

'The News From London' was what they called it. There were other names too, given to different 'News' in the past, and passed on now to this particular bit of information from Jolly Old England.

Some called it 'Hope', some 'A Sham', others still 'Nothing of Interest', but no matter what they called it, The News was definitely that; news.

Ever since we first learned of our fate, there had been promises of hope. Religion, obviously, promised salvation as ever, but others still were throwing in their two cents. Space programs were popular options, as well as cults, and many other varied Solutions, but most had either turned out to be failures and falsities, or couldn't be proved until the time itself came.

Some called them 'Waiters'. Religious outs were Waiters. The others were generally 'Rushers', as they were always running out of time. The space programs were Rushers.

The News From London was a Waiter, and an absurd one, at that.

Another name for The News was 'The Livingston Theory', and fittingly so. The News From London was a promise that those who took up residence in Livingston Manor, just outside London, would be spared from the rest of humanity's fate.

Absurd, as I've said, but many people still jumped at the chance for hope. It was filling up fast, I was told, and it was first come first serve. I had known it was A Sham when I first heard it, but now, with so little time left, I was beginning to have my doubts.

Faced with such a fear of inevitable loss, we can't help but grasp out at any strand of hope we see. But I tell myself this is just human nature and a silly notion, as human nature is quite often in the wrong.

But what have I got to lose?

The End

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