the Chronicles of the Seven Kingdoms

When war suddenly strikes against the city of Garadithia, the seven kingdoms are threatened as the dark kingdom of Karyo rises. A curphew is put out across the land, and a the fate of the world lies on the necklace of a young orphan girl, as she discovers what she was born to be: the keeper of the seven stones of Tyrinth. But does she have the strength to lead an entire army of leaders against the darkness of the underworld?


A faint breeze blew in from the west, sending excited tingles op Lucidias' spine. His pale skin glowed in the slight light of the moons above, as he stepped into the empty streets. Snow blanketed the ground in a pillow of white fluff, crunching softly beneath his feet, but leaving no footsteps behind him.

    With the flick of his pale, bony wrist, the glowing street lamps lining the snow-covered road blew out like candles against a strong breeze. He could see better in the dark.

    The footsteps of his guards followed closely behind him. He raised a hand to stop them, then walked to the middle of the road, waiting for the dark, eager shadow in front of him to meet him.

    The shadow moved into the light, walking closer to him cautiously.

    Lucidias' voice came out in deep, languid tones.

    "Did you aqcuire it, Simus?" He asked in more of a demanding tone.

    Simus held out his hand, a black, leather bag in the middle his palm rested. "All but one, sir."

    Lucidias raised an angry arm towards Simus, snatching the bag out of his hand and counting each of the glowing stones.

    "Where is the stone of Tyrinth? You were supposed to collect all seven. That was the deal."

    Simus swallowed. "Well, sir, one of them were already missing. Only six rested on the arch."

    "But you failed to collect. You commit treason against your lord?"

    "B-but sir, i collected six. Your only missing one." Simus stammered.

    Lucidias looked at Simus through angry, yellow eyes. "I suppose you are right. You collected all but the most important stone, I assume you expect reward?"

    "That was the deal." Simus said expectingly.

    Lucidias reached into his cape pocket and pulled out a brown, deer skin pouch, and handed it to Simus. Simus reached for it, his eyes glowing with delight as he emptied the gold coins into his hand and counted.

    "You are a very loyal master, Lucidias." He said, bowing and emptying the coins back into the pouch. He turned to walk back into the alley.

    "Oh yes, indeed." Lucidias smirked. He raised his two fingers up towards his guards, then nodded with a bow.

    The guards took out their bows and arrows and aimed at the man who was walking away, then fired, sending arrows into Simus' unguarded back.

    Lucidias chuckled, amused, raising his hand in the air. the deer skin pouch rose up from the limp warlocks lifeless body and flew slowly into Lucidias' palm. He clutched both pouches in his hand, then turned, walking back into the shadows.

The End

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