Calm Down

"Taylor!" Taylor felt Rorgan push her out of the way and onto her bed without actually realizing what was going on. She blinked and stared at Rorgan. He was in full out fighting mode. His sword was out of its scabbard and he was crouched under the window she had been staring out of, waiting for something. Meria had her bow out with an arrow nocked and pointed out of window as well. Taylor sat up and stretched her neck to try and see past them to figure out what had them so freaked out. Meria saw her and slapped Taylor.

"Stay down," she hissed out of the corner of her mouth. Taylor had to strain to hear her.

"Why?" Rorgan looked over at Taylor with a warning glare and she shut up fast. He slowly turned around and looked out the window. Five seconds passed. Ten. A minute. After what seemed like hours, Taylor finally got up the courage to ask in a soft voice, "What are we waiting for?"

Meria looked from her to the window and back again. All of a sudden, something seemed to click in Meria's head and she cracked up laughing. Taylor stared at her with a confused look and Rorgan looked disgusted. "Meria! Stay focused!" Her giggles finally subsided but she was still smiling.

"Hey, Taylor," she started to say before laughter overtook her again. Taylor impatiently waited for Meria to stop so that she could continue. "What exactly did you see out your window that made you jump?"

Rorgan seemed to understand what she was getting at but Taylor was still confused. "Uhm, a bird or something flew across the sky and I wasn't expecting it to. Why?" Meria grinned and looked over at Rorgan who, rather self-consciously, sheathed his sword and relaxed.

"Calm down, Skippy. It was a bird. No use freaking us out. Unless," Meria added mockingly, "You thought the bird was going to dive into the room and carry off Taylor. I don't think they have giant birds in this world, though." She grinned and explained for Taylor's benefit, "When you were staring out your window and went 'gah,' by the way you're getting mocked for that later, Rorgan thought something had followed us here and was trying to kill you." Taylor caught Meria's eye and they both started laughing. Rorgan glowered at them from across the room but they kept laughing.

Taylor finally caught her breath and, carefully avoiding looking at Meria in case she started laughing again, smiled at Rorgan, "You're such a gentleman, letting us laugh at you without yelling at us. Of course, you do owe me majorly."

He gave her a smalle smile in agreement before aiming a frown at Meria, "Shouldn't you tell her why you just decided to show up and ruin her life, now!"

She seemed to want to avoid the conversation, "Uhm, I died? What else did I have to fill my Friday nights?" Rorgan gave her another hard stare and she sighed. "Fine, but I'm doing it my way! Jerk. Ruining the fun."

She looked at Taylor apprehensively. "Taylor, do you remember the village?" Taylor nodded, "Do you remember my, uhm, talent?" After she mentioned it, Taylor did remember something about Meria.

"You can share memories with people, right? Or take them." Meria nodded, uncharaceristicaly quiet. "What about it?" Taylor prompted.

Meria hesitated but, at Rorgan's urging, she explained, "I've always found words can't describe certain things right so, instead of saying what's happened to Peria, I'm going to show you. Through my memories." Before Taylor could really think about that last statement, Meria raised her hands and put them on either side of Taylor's head.

Taylor gasped as her bedroom disapeared. She started to fight it but Meria whispered soothingly, "Just calm down. Remember that this all already happened. Nothing can hurt you." Rather cautiously, Taylor calmed herself and plunged headfirst into the memory.

The End

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