What're Best Friends For?

He looked slightly sheepish when she said his name. "You weren't supposed to remember me." Meria snorted and rolled her eyes. Rorgan glared at her, "What's so funny? Everything would've been fine and I never would've broken my promise if you hadn't shown up in the first place!" You will never miss me. Meria bowed from her seat on the bed and was pushed off by Rorgan as he took her spot. "So, what's new?" he asked Taylor as he got comfortable. 

Taylor stared at him in astonishment. "What's new?" She repeated his question angrily with a hard glint in her eyes.  

"Ooh!" Meria practically sang with an evil grin, "Someone's gonna get it." Taylor glared at her but Meria just shrugged. "What're best friends for?"  

"We aren't best friends," Taylor spat out but, even as she said it, the words flew before her eyes. They spoke of Meria and Taylor climbing around the rocks outside of their village, of summers spent swimming in the lake whenever they could get away. They made her remember braiding each others hair and playing daggers with the boys, in secret after their moms found out. Then she didn't need the words anymore. Suddenly, she could remember it all. It wasn't like she had forgotten it, it was more like the memories had always been there but she hadn't been able to access them. Tears sprang to her eyes when she remembered Meria disappearing. Now, she knew that Meria had been kidnapped because they thought she was some 'chosen one.' Then, she'd only been a little girl who'd lost her best friend. 

Meria looked hurt, "Fine, then. Sorry."

"No, I'm sorry,"Taylor got off the bed and put her arm around Meria, "I. I just forgot, is all." Meria grimaced but put her head on Taylor's shoulder.

"No problem. It's just weird. I missed you," Taylor almost forgot how angry she was supposed to be at Rorgan when he repositioned himself on the bed and it creaked. Meria jumped and Taylor renewed her glowering. 


"Me." Rorgan tried to look nonchalant but Taylor could almost see him squirming inside. 

"Why did you leave me here? Why did you take me from my family and abandon me here?" Taylor whispered the words but Rorgan flinched as if she had slapped him with every syllable. 

"Taylor, I..." Rorgan stopped and reached his hand out to Taylor but she slapped it away. Meria patted her on the hand and started in for the kill. 

"Why would you do that to my friend?!" she screamed at him, "How could you abandon her and break your promise? She trusted you! She stayed with you and then you leave her without even a memory of you! That's horrible! It's despicable! It's..." 

Taylor ignored the rest of Meria's tirade and turned around to stare out her window. So much was happening so fast. Just this morning she's been crying about a fake character's death and now she was talking to said dead fake character and remembering an entirely different past from the one she'd grown up in. The moon was already up in the sky and Taylor stared at it as she drew her knees up to her chest. She tried to figure out the answers to all of her questions but dear Luna wasn't giving up any of her secrets.


The End

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