That Didn't Have the Effect I Desired

Taylor's laptop fell off of her bed. Something was very wrong. She shakily stood up and ignored the feeling in her stomach telling her to write. She knew what happened next. It wasn't like the other times, though. This time, she actually knew. She remembered it all.

First, they went through the woods. Taylor got lost a couple of times and Rorgan got so worried about her. Then, after a while, they got out and made it to the ocean. They found passage with a group of pirates. So many things happened on that trip. Rorgan got to show off his swordsmanship and the captain was sad to see him go when they finally made it to the other side. But Rorgan got a share in the treasure they had found on Dead Skull's Island: that had gotten Taylor and Rorgan food and bed in the towns along their path. And then came the mountains. Those were Taylor's favorite part. She smiled as she remembered Capri's hut in the forest where she mixed all those potions-


No, Taylor thought. She still wasn't entirely sure this was just a normal story- "No," she told herself out loud. It was pretty sad: she couldn't even convince herself it wasn't real. "No. It's just a story. You've lived here your entire life. You have a mom and a dad and a sister. You were born in St. Mary's Hospital." Still wasn't working. Really pathetic.

"See what I was talking about?"

"Oh, my God!" Taylor yelled as Meria appeared in front of her. Meria picked up the laptop and read the words on the screen.

"Hm," she said as she plopped herself down on the bed and sat against the headboard, "Not your longest story but it still packs a punch, doesn't it? Of course, it's not as good as mine was but how can anything compare with such a wonderful tale?" Taylor just stood where she was with her hand over her heart. "Well? Don't you have five million question you're going to bug me with? Come on!"

"You just gave me a heat attack!" Taylor told her in an accusing tone. Meria shrugged and lifted an eyebrow inquisitvely. Taylor sank down on the bed next to her and stared at her ceiling.

"So." Taylor wasn't exactly sure how to begin. "Uhm, you're real. Right?" Meria rolled her eyes and nodded. "So, uh, Rorgan. He's real and...ok?" Her ok came out in a squeak and she mentally slapped herself. She was actually sounding like she believed it. It's not true, she told herself, I'm just crazy. This must be the beginning of my hallucinations. I wonder if you can commit yourself to the looney bin.

"He's fine," Meria slid down to lay next to Taylor and stared at the ceiling with her. "He's a liar, but he's fine." Meria turned her head and laughed at Taylor's expression. "He told me you wouldn't know what was going on. He also told me you'd be way harder to convince than this. I thought I'd have to bring in the big guns."

"Hey, I'm still not that sure I'm not dreaming or crazy or something!" Taylor jumped off her bed and paced back and forth in her room. Meria looked on with an amused smile on her face.

"So, it is time for the big guns." Before Taylor could ask what she was prattling on about, Meria whistled. And then... Nothing happened.

"Ok, so now my apparitions are messing with my head." Taylor was exasperated as Meria whistled again, sharper and louder this time. "Lord, that hurts."

"Hmm," Meria stared at a spot in the middle of Taylor's room with a concerned look. "Well, that didn't have the effect I desired. It was supposed to-"

"Do this?" Taylor heard from behind her. She was so proud of herself later: she didn't even scream. However, fainting wasn't so preposterous an idea when she saw who the voice belonged to.


The End

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